Kickle Cubicle
  • Hi,

    My name is Christophe, i'm from Belgium and 'im a web & .NET dev.
    I come from the website because i'm a big fan of this game.

    I've the project to make a reboot of this Game with XNA framework.
    I think you are a similar project in this forum. How far along are you in this ?


    ps : sorry for bad english... Usually, I speak french :)

  • I can't say with any authority but I believe the project is dead. The members who were involved in it haven't posted here for years, so I have no idea if anything ever came of it.

    At one point there was an idea to acquire the legal rights from Irem but they shut us down fairly hard. They also said they would take any legal action possible if they found us using the name or characters without their permission (which they had no intention of giving). They were kinda dicks in the emails we exchanged truth be told.

    Good luck with your game! If you need extra support this is one place to find it.
  • they are stupid.... The game be worth nothing now.
    My project is for free; Like a gift to community and like an exercise for me.

    I will remake sprites, sound, level différent from original and i will change the name...
  • Yeah, it was a real pity that a little fan-made project like this got shut down.  Like you said, Dr F, I don't think any of the guys involved have been around here for ages.

    There's a few threads to be found that might be of help, and you might be able to do some detective work to see if you can contact any of the guys originally involved.  This one might be best:

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