Hackers need to eat a dick. A big one.
  • Fucking tired of this shit. PSN has been down most of the day. It seems to be back for PS3 albeit shakily but for PS4 it's been dead all day. I've read online the same story for Xbox LIVE.

    You know what? Fuck it. Bring on Big Brother. Bring on micro-chipped subjects and reptilian overlords. Bring on the 1984 society and take these hackers and just stomp all over their faces with a big Orwellian boot. Kick out a few teeth for me while you're at it Uncle Sam. I don't ask much of my fellow man anymore. I recognize the futility of hope. But grant me this.
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  • Yeah I wanted to download Outlast on PS4 last night but it was down. I wound up playing Duck Hunt on the WiiU but still. Networks have been down b/c hackers a number of times in 2014 and its getting annoying.
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  • What timing on it too.
  • I wish I knew enough to understand why this type of attack is so hard to prevent. I am not doing anything that needs it but I feel for all those kids who just got some poop in their stocking. The Internet can really bring out the worst in some people.
  • I really hope someone puts a bigass boot on the throat of these fuckers and jumps.

    I don't even understand what their motive is for attacks like these. If their aim is to attack Sony they may as well be chipping at the stonework of Sony HQ. All they succeed in doing is pissing off Sony's users, creating more hatred for themselves.
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  • Just fuck these people.who. are Fucking gamers over. Why not target something less wide ranging but i suppose that is the ppoint, make the most people aware as possible.

    I haven't really looked into this but what message are they are even trying to convey. Also as uaual you would hope.that the Sony and Microsoft would have security up to scratch to.deal with shit like this. This still should. not.be.happening again.
  • Damn i wanted to download the PST demo frickking troll hackers
  • 8drawt, they have no message. They are just unloved and unwashed trolls wanting to piss on everyone's Xmas. I can understand why these attacks might be difficult if not impossible to prevent, but I don't get why the people doing it can't be caught and curb stomped. If these clowns want to show the world what hot shit they are go cyber-rob some banks or something. Then we'll see how long they last. Fucking up online servers and preventing people from playing games over the holidays is a far cry from Neo distorting the Matrix. Fucking bottom feeders.
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  • Didn't really affect me tbh, we were cooking all day and when I did go online it was on Steam, so yeah.

    I realize they're gonna get to Steam.

    Oh, well.

    The thing for me is less the 'not able to play' aspect. I mean, what would you do if the power was out?

    The thing, for me, is the compromise of personal data used for identity theft. How many of you have a credit card stored on these services to buy games and other microtransactions? Things like your name, address, account info. Now I have to cancel my credit card and get a new one. And then I have to hope that none of my other banking info has been compromised. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy.

    Two things I like to do for my own security:
    1) Typically, I NEVER save payment info online. I wish there was an easier way to remove it off of Xbox live, but there isn't, it really sucks, and I got lazy about it. This royally annoys me because it puts me at greater risk. It also, I would imagine, make these services a lot more attractive to hackers for the data on them that wasn't removed.

    2) If you DO save payment info online, make it a prepaid or low-limit Credit Card. this way you can only be ripped off for so much, in the event of.

    So yeah, more for this compromise of data, those hackers are criminal fucking assholes, and I don't mean that in any good way.
  • Kim Dotcom paid Lizard Squad to stop DDoSing PSN and LIVE?

    WTF dude. W.T.F.

    Rewards for arseholes. Hooray.

  • It's not like the ransom worked. I could not log in last night. Just wanted to see. There have to be ways to fend this stuff off. If they take Amazon or Google, I will be impressed.
  • I was too busy on Wii U to notice any of this.
  • This is how they justify what they did:


    I hope they have their testicles publicly smashed with a sledgehammer.

    I still couldn't log in last night either. Maybe tonight.
  • I am glad that I got a new PC this Christmas to play more AAA titles, but feel bad for those who were unfortunately and tragically affected by these distributed denial-of-service attacks, in this case is console gamers.

    Happy holidays to all regardless of what I said above.
  • Lizard Sqads explanation is stupid. Saying it is the companies fault for not being able to defend against criminal behavior is just like a bank robber blaming the bank for not having more bullet resistant tellers. Also acting like you are genius by saying it will take more resources to deal with the problem you manufactured is narcissisticly dim.
  • I found it amusing that these guys seem to regard being arrested as getting a foot in the door to being an internet security adviser to the government, even with skills that aren't that great by their own admission.

    Yeah mate, OR you will just end up in a cell with only your daily shower gang raping to look forward to.
  • Lizard Squad or whatever bullocks name they have chosen have no real explanation or logical reason for their 'cyber attacks' . I even feel ashamed for giving them my attention here. As it seems to me they want publivity for the sake of publicity.

    I hope one of the countries convict these people. Fingers crossed
  • Fantastic. If this is OK, I'm gonna start my own online service where I beat people up for money.

  • FBI is already investigating. These guys are such idiots, what with giving interviews and offering to sell cyber attacks, I think it is only a matter of time before they go down.
  • 2 of them have been arrested according to a news article I read today. I guess they'll be getting their cushy government advisory jobs soon!
  • Will there be waterboarding because they are information terrorists and we need to do it for FREEDOM!!!!!
  • Waterboarding? I heard the new rage is anal force feeding! In the land of the free and the home of the brave!
  • Pull out them nails! try to type and use the touch screen with those bloody stumps! :P

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