Share Your Holiday Haul
  • Well, what did everyone get for gifts? Any rad games? New consoles? Share what you received!
  • So far I've received clothes and two $50 Amazon gift cards. I go to my sisters later today and might have other gifts to open over there.
  • Family and I focused more on the kids this year.
    We all chipped in to get my nephew a Wii U.
    I got him The Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD and a Mario Amiibo for his Super Smash Bros game my sister got him.
    Wasn't sure if I should get him Bayonetta 2. He enjoyed the demo, but felt like introducing him to a Zelda game since he's never played one.
    My pops bought me a Beard trimmer lmao. Since mine broke and I needed a new one. And got $80 cash from my mom.

    All the kids got what they wanted and it was great seeing their smiles.

    Lol, my goal is to try and introduce my nephew to the hidden gaming gems.
    So far he's liked every game I've gotten him.
  • So far no games. But technically my ps4 was an early Christmas present so meh, I'm happy. I always get adult stuff for Christmas from my dad, like shirts and travel mugs and razors. Should be getting Dragon Age for my birthday in a couple of days.
  • The rest of my gifts include a coupon for a free car wash, wax, and inner cleaning. I also received some sports wipes and a collection of "the stupidest things ever said" from my nephew. 

    Now I'm going to spend those Amazon gift cards.
  • Bough me a Christmas/early birthday present a PS4 with psycho break,killzone and infamous, got injustice from the psn+ monthly game
  • Nothing really. Not game related anyway.

    Epke, Killzone is the free game on PSN for Japan this month.
  • Here's my list, and I am extremely grateful:
    • New computer. Specs located here:
    • Some pants and pajamas
    • GameStop gift card ($12 from Secret Santa at workplace)
    • 7 books, ranging from novels to Game Development Essentials
    • Money (better deposit and save)
    • New leather watch
    • Shooting range gear (ear protectors and safety glasses)
    • Card game named Dirty Minds (friggin hilarious)
    • Candy (KitKats)
    But more importantly than the things above, spending time with friends, family, and showing compassion and understanding with love.
  • My sisters got me some gift cards. I've got Bloodborne preordered and I picked up season 2 and 3 of Legend of Korra on bluray. :)
  • Don't know if there are any comic book fans on the forums but I got given 3 little collected volumes as a late Christmas present. Y: The Last Man, Fables and Saga. So epic.
  • Super late, but anyway! Still keeping an eye on PS4 deals, me.

    My best bud got me this though!





    I've come to realize that I waaaaaay prefer art books with soft covers like this. I really love this art book, the commentary throughout the whole thing really seals the deal in terms of quality. Ace present! I gave the same friend Theatrhythm Curtain Call for 3DS and Valkyria Chronicles for PC so it's all good. :)

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