Favourites of 2014
  • 2014 has almost come and gone, and while this community is primarily a gaming one, I was curious as to what our members enjoyed from other mediums in 2014. What were some of your favourite albums, movies, books, and anything else released this year? What 2014 releases blew you away, or was 2014 a year in which you got around to older things that blew you away?

    Give me lists, notes, anything! Let's hear what you greatly enjoyed in 2014.

  • I'm going to jump in with my favourite TV shows of the year, Arrow and Flash. Even though Flash isn't even finished on it's first season, I can already tell it's going to be phenomenal going forward, and Arrow is halfway through it's third season and only ever getting better. They've even beaten out Game of Thrones for me, which is mad, but I thought this years season of Game of Thrones was really poorly handled. For the general audience GoT is going well, but they really seem to be doing everything they can to piss off readers of the books, missing out some of the biggest and most talked about scenes from the books and making changes for changes sake. I guess you can argue Arrow and Flash aren't the most 1:1 portrayals of their characters from the source material, but it's comic books, it's the writers to adapt, it's different when you have an ongoing series of novels being ripped up in front of you.

    Gaming wise, favourite game of the year has to be South Park: Stick of Truth. Even though I left it half way through and went back to it months later, it was just phenomenal. You could see the love and the care that had gone into it and it perfectly mirrored the South Park look and feel. It felt more like watching through a season of the show than it did playing through a 12 hour game.

    Another game which really caught me this year was The Wolf Among Us. I had never read the Fables comics before, always heard good things but never looked into them. Then I played this, and I had newfound love in the comics. Really compelling story which kept me guessing to the very end, and again, love and care taken over presenting that world to gamers. I really hope they do a season 2, though it's still unconfirmed.

    Favourite movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Big shoutout also to The Winter Soldier but Guardians had me completely sold. It's everything I wanted it to be, cool sci-fi, great action, really funny, interesting characters, it was the perfect introduction to that world and I'm so glad that it came off. People who haven't seen it still, when I tell them how great it is they look at me like "What? That movie with the walking tree and the talking raccoon?" And they forget that with the right storytelling you can get a viewer to fall in love with a rock. They made Groot and Rocket loveable characters, they made Star-Lord the new Indiana Jones, they made a green Zoe Saldana not just desirable but a complete badass. That's all small potatoes compared to how they not only made former wrestler Dave Batista into a good actor, but an icon for autistic children as the metaphor impaired Drax. Complete movie gold.
  • A great new show I've started watching on Netflix is "Marco Polo." As you may have deduced, it is about Marco Polo- no shit. There are complex characters with complex motives. The fight-scene choreography is surprisingly well done- as are the sex scenes! If the brutal violence doesn't attract you, the explicit sex and unprecedented abundance of Asian boobs will! There's something for everyone! My favorite character is easily Hundred Eyes, a blind kung fu master that can reset a dislocated elbow with little effort. I'd recommend it to anyone that can appreciate dynamic characters, well-written stories and dialogue, and female nudity.

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