Noob's Choice 2014 Winners!
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    I'd like to thank everyone for voting, and making the Noob's Choice Awards a success! The first time I hosted the award show back in 2012 you could say the outcome was a bit...disappointing considering not too many people voted, however this year we had a pretty decent turn out, and I'm fairly excited about sharing the results with you all.

    Let's hope we're all still around so I can organize the award show again in 2015! Let's get down to business, shall we?

    Game Of The Year

    Worst Game Of The Year

    Most Surprising Game

    Most Disappointing Game


    Most Anticipated Game of 2015
    Best Sequel

    Best Add-On/Expansion

    Best Soundtrack

    Best Graphics

    Best Indie Game

    Best Handheld Game

    Best Remake/Reboot

    Best New IP

    Best Story

    Best Co-operative Game

    Best Competitive Game

    Best Use Of Non-Traditional Controls

    Best Game No-One Played

    Best Free To Play

    Best New Character

    And those are the winners for 2014! Looks like Dark Souls II did some serious damage to the competition. What does everyone think of the winners, and are you happy, or saddened by the choices? I for one am thrilled that Dark Souls II went home with GOTY.

    Let's discuss.

  • Looks like I should have played Dark Souls 2. Looks like I might pick up the PS4/Xbox One version when it comes out in 2015.
  • @amardilo

    My game of the year!
  • There are a lot of games on that list that I never played. 

    Dark Souls 2
    Assassin's Creed: Unity (guess this maybe a good thing)
    Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD (played the originals but not the HD remakes)
    Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
    Alien Isolation
    The Walking Dead Season 2
    Bayonetta 2

    Makes me wonder what I've been doing all year.
  • Awesome turn out! :) There are a number of games on the list that I still want to play. I am a little sad to see that I may have been the only person here to try out Drakengard 3!, I had a blast with it up until the last boss thats impossible to get past. ;p

    I am working on a top 10 or so games of 2014 list of my own. Just the best games that I played this year, and the list currently sits at 15 or so games. I will throw it up in a thread once I decide on a good order. :)
  • Disappointed that Hearthstone didn't win anything, but ah well.
  • @FirLocke

    It was pretty close :(
  • Happy to see that Final Fantasy X appeared in the awards though! It's a really good remake. Surprised to see Nidhogg appear if I'm honest!
  • Yayyyy Celebrimbor was dope! Shadow of Mordor was DOPE! Did not play Dark Souls 2 but congrats to all the fans around here.
  • @vampirelich You're not the only one! I've only beaten the first couple of levels, but I did buy it last week since it was on sale on Amazon. First impressions were positive, it seems fun, though the camera and framerate were a little wonky.

    As for the choices, they actually line up pretty well with what I submitted for the most part. Biggest surprise for me looking at them would be Walking Dead S2 winning Best Story. While that's what I voted for myself, it really seemed like not very many people played S2 in comparison to the first season, and a lot of people didn't seem to happy with it.

  • Really happy with this it a;most entirely reflects my opinions dude!
  • It brings me great joy to see a last gen title get GOTY here. Bwahahaha.

    Plus it's Dark Souls 2, so double Bwahahaha.

    And, we can vote for it again next year for current gen. Triple Bwahahahahahaahaa.

    Alien is a new IP? Do you people know what IP stands for? It's not Impaling Pole.
  • Sounds about right to me. Disappointed not to see South Park or Wolf Among Us win anything but hey-ho. Hoping for a better year of gaming in 2015
    Noobied by 18drawt
  • Oh warframe have to check that one out, have to re-try Dark souls after the memory debacle i haven't tried it again
  • Dark Souls 2 with all DLC for PS4 in March, Epke. Let's do it!
  • Dark Souls 2 was such a letdown. Goddamn. The New Order deserved better.
  • Hey wow, this is a great list! I didn't play much of it but the ones I did have a go at I can vouch for as being good winners. I'd like to give a shout out to Watch Dogs as a notable mention for worst game. That was some janky-ass c-grade open world. Also Hearthstone as a solid runner up for best free to play in my books.

    Thank you very much @Manio for putting this together. It was a lovely way to culminate the gaming year by going back and critically ranking everything. I'll definitely be coming back to this thread to pick up some cheap games later down the track.
  • @Sunflower

    Isolation won something though! Whee.


    Alien Isolation and Dark Souls 2 are tied for my GOTY. Isolation was so juicy.
  • Alien: Isolation was definitely the best IP in 2014, and I agree that Destiny was the most disappointing.

    Dark Souls II takes the cake, though. That game is hard.

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