What we Love and Miss about Noobtoob
  • Hey guys, I just thought it would be a good idea if we could all put together some things we loved and miss about noobtoob. The goal of this is to, if they see it, hopefully remind Tobin and Yuzp as to why they made the show in the first place and say a year or so down the track if they get together and contemplate doing another episode for those still watching they can look back at this and know that even long after the regular show ended so many of us watch the old episodes over and over again and will always watch the new stuff they bring out for us. 

    Not to get too sappy but one of the biggest things I loved and miss about noobtoob is that, throughout their whole time doing the show and their peaks in popularity, they never forgot why they were doing it in the first place; for pure fun. They never did it to make money or to start a big company which generated heaps of attention/profit and lost what it was about, it was always about just two friends having a drink and talking about games. And that was their biggest charm, the realistic nature of the show and the human aspect that they brought so early on in the youtube era. I might be a tad bias in what I say as I started listening to noobtoob when I was 13 and they were the first major gaming podcast I would watch/listen to religiously. But I know that to all those reading this right now, you feel the same because you're still hanging around giving back to the community and trying to connect with other noobtoobers.

    That is just one thing I miss about watching them on a weekly basis (I still turn on an ep whenever slogging through one of my back log games that I have no story interest in or just in the car driving to and from random places). I have both Tobin and Yuzo as friends on facebook so hopefully this generates a great amount of feedback so I can directly link it to them and they can always look back at it as a reference and a thank you from us. I look forward to hearing what all you love and miss as well.

    NOTE: I apologise if there has already been something like this done, I didn't do much searching as it is pretty late here in Aus, but hopefully this still generates a lot of discussion.

  • I just miss watching people who are really passionate about games talking about all different kinds of games, not just the big ones but the little Indy games too, especially the Indy games. These days I see too many gamers who do nothing but bitch and moan about gaming like it's stopped being a passion and become a chore. It was nice when they came back to see discussion about good things in gaming rather than spending 2 hours going "Destiny sucks, Titanfall sucks, Unity sucks, everything sucks, everyone is shit, I hate life, life is pain blargblargblarg".
  • I miss the banter between them and all the bukkake jokes ;)
  • @Orion. Totally agree 100% nowadays everyone sees indie games as such a waste (all the countless people bitching and moaning about ps plus giving away indies in their monthly games), but with Tobin and Yuzo it didn't matter if the game was the prettiest or ugliest, AAA or made by 1 guy, if the game was fun they gave it their full attention to give off their thoughts to us. 
  • I just watched over 100 episodes of noobtoob in a row over the past few days. I miss this podcast so much! I don't understand why they can't do a podcast PKA (painkiller already) style over google hangouts or something. They probably have good reasons why they can't but I long for a day where they move close together once again!
  • I think they just used the move as an excuse to end the podcast, with the advances in technology they could just do it like the Games Only Podcast.

    The reasons for ending the podcast are maybe work related/family related or making the podcast became a commitment.

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