PS4 Games! Holiday Sales!
  • Post your Holiday game purchases.
    Ok, I've been bad and just ordered a PS4 black friday bundle online, and I can get 2 games right now, but I'm torn. I know I want Shadow Warrior, but help me pick the other PLEASE!

    Sleeping Dogs
    The Evil Within
    Tomb Raider
    (Alien Isolation) I really wanted this one but its sold out on Bestbuys website, I will check in stores for this maybe but,

    from the list above, I need to decide on 1 before they sell out online. Thanks.
  • Wolfenstein is quite good but Tomb Raider or Sleeping Dogs will last longer.
  • I would definitely pick sleeping dogs from that list! Buckets of fun.
  • I went with The Evil Within. Also I did manage to pick up Alien Isolation at the store for about $23. :) Now the wait for the system to be delivered.
  • They were all good choices in the end, The Evil Within is definitely the most mysterious one there. But daaaaaamn do I want a PS4 now. Need it in white though...
  • I was rather happy today to receive a phonecall from my Mother to tell me she had just bought me a PS4. Don't get it for another week but still

  • @Orion. You got a pretty awesome mum! :o
  • @vampirelich yea, I would've gone with Evil within and alien isolation as well.

    I'm holding off on ps4. I highly doubt I'll finish my ps3 backlog. But, I'm waiting for a ps4 slim type revision.
    Probably won't be for another year or two, but the ps3 still has some life in it.
    These Black Friday deals were tempting as hell though.

    And you're one lucky bloak @Orion.
  • I got an email today saying the PS4 is on its way, so I should have it by next week sometime. :)

    Bloodborne in March and Dark Souls 2 in April is finally what pushed me over to get one. I will eventually play all those games I listed above, but I won't get thru them in 2014. I did pick up the Alien Isolation at my local store today. I got the last copy, and I got it for $23.99, I'm pretty happy with that. :)
  • Vamp, any of those games would have been a good choice imo. 
  • Flibble, that's why it was so hard for me to decide. ;)
  • @FirLocke
    The funny part is, that's my combined Birthday and Christmas present from her from last year and the year before because she hasn't got me anything for the last 2 years. So... I'm happy, and I feel lucky, but there's a part of me that thinks this is just Kharma.
  • Ah I see, so it could be that the guilt built up over the lack of gifts. Whatever the reason may be, it's a fantastic present! :) Give your Mum a big ol' hug!
  • I'll make sure I do =) Really tempted to go and buy a PS4 game in the sales (I saw Shadow of Mordor is going for around £25), but she said the console has 2 games with it and she couldn't remember what they were. I get the feeling it's the one with DriveClub and Last of Us, as that's the bundle that seems to have been doing the rounds the most. So excited to be joining the next-gen gamers.
  • Oh yeah definitely wait and see, it could be any of the bundles going round as a lot of them have an extra game thrown in there. Could be GTAV with Far Cry 4!

    Amazon UK is really trying to lure me in with its prices, pretty much all the games I want are around 25 pounds! Mordor, Evil Within, Sleeping Dogs, Last of Us, Alien Isolation, Infamous....and they're not even on sale! It's just the price they're at! Wouldn't be surprised to see Dragon Age go down in price soon enough as well.
  • :D :D :D YESSS VAMP!!!! Can't wait to play stuff with ya :)


    side note: Shadow of Mordor is my GOTY next to Smash.
  • PS4 gamers unite.

    I have not indulged in this holiday shopping spree everyone else is on, but I almost traded my copy of Destiny for a GTAV until the person on Craigslist bailed. How disappointing.

    I'll keep an eye on Amazon in case anything gets in my price range.
  • I've bought so many PS4 games that were on sale this past week.

    FIFA 15
    The Walking Dead: Season 1
    The Walking Dead: Season 2
    The Evil Within
    Alien: Isolation
    Anomaly 2
    inFAMOUS: Second Son
    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

    I've no self control! I bought a bunch of games I doubt I'll get to play any time soon.
  • I just saw that Lords of the Fallen is $39.99 right now! So I might order that one today too. :)
  • Ok, I've got the PS4 now. I picked up a 2TB hdd to put in it but I have a question first. Should I sign in and get the PS4 updated before swapping the drives or can I swap them before I hook the system up?
  • I've no idea. I'd imagine update then swap would be the safest thing though.
  • Yeah, thats what I was thinking also. I'll get to work setting it up tomorrow. I've got to get the 2TB external drive out of its shell, before I can put it in the PS4 anyway. :)

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