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    Noob's Choice 2012 Winner - Persona 4 Golden

    Everybody loves a good remake, or reboot of a series. Which ones stand out to you this year? Minecraft on Xbox One, and PS4 are acceptable for this category.

    And, go vote!
  • Even though it hasn't come out yet I can pretty safely assume Pokemon because Pokemon. Unless KH 2.5 is amazing, but that's more of a reskinning. The Pokemon remakes actually update a ton of stuff.
  • Wolfenstein gets this for me.
  • I'd have to give it to GTA V.  Does that count? haha
    Noobied by 1Juic3
  • When it works, The Master Chief Collection.
  • FFX Remastered. Probably a biased pick, but an already stellar game made even better.  A beautiful soundtrack, graphics overhaul from the PS2, experiencing a storyline that I actually gave a shit about again. 

    @GoodEnoughForMe I would vote Pokemon too, except they've released the same exact game/story since 96 with just a few new mechanics and graphics. It's been 2 decades, think you can get new motivation for your older demographic to continue buying games? I'm talking shit, I'll still buy it.
  • There's actually quite a few to consider this year!

    KH2.5 and Pokemon are front runners for me, like GoodEnough. There's also GTAV, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Metro Redux, MCC.

    Perhaps we can consider Final Fantasy XIII's and Valkyria Chronicles' relaunch on PC as well? I heard Valkyria Chronicles transitioned very well to PC.
  • DA3 feels like a relaunch.

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