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    Noob's Choice 2012 Winner - The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Dawnguard

    Add-ons, or expansions can help add some meat to the core experience of a game you may have been done with. Which expansion/add-on sticks out to you?

    And, go vote!
  • Etc. etc. Reaper of Souls etc. etc. Blizzard has completely revamped and retooled everything from vanilla Diablo 3, from loot drop rates, to dungeon types, enemy types, class skills... the game has been chiseled into the best dungeon loot crawler on the market right now.
  • inFamous First Light

    Follows the story of a side character in Second Son who is more interesting than the main protagonist. Powers are fun to mess around with and looks beautiful. Cool story and some bad ass moments in there. Really cool scoremode too. I had a ton of fun with that one.

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