[2014] Best Original IP
  • Titanfall! If they just take some of the criticism to heed, the 2nd could be really fun.
  • Aah I hate that I am saying this because I have real mixed feelings about this game. But Destiny. I had fun with it for a while.
  • ....Does Hearthstone count? It officially came out this year, and it is based on Warcraft lore, so I'm not sure.
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I really loved this game.
  • I have trouble considering Middle Earth to be a new IP.
  • Oh my god I actually agree with Flib here.

    Yeah it's a fresh game series but it's Lord of the rings. There has been a million of those games before. Just because this one was done right it and it was a fresh idea doesn't mean it's a new IP. The same goes for stick of truth.
  • Well, it was a simple statement with few syllables and no complex ideas. Well within your intellectual strike zone.

    While I'm ever so grateful to have this seal of approval, which I hold on par with that of my own belly lint, lets not make it a habit.
  • Transistor it is then!

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