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    Noob's Choice 2012 Winner - Diablo III

    Games can generally get too hyped up, and end up becoming disappointing. Which game felt this way to you?

    And, go vote!
  • I had high hopes for an actual cyberpunk-ish, thoughtful piece on modern technology via Watch_Dogs. Instead, I got horrible driving mechanics, a terrible checkpoint system, and sweet, sweet Uplay launch issues. Other than the hacking stealth missions, which were enjoyable, the game fell flat.
  • I imagine Destiny or Watchdogs will get this, but for me it was EDF 4. I had high expectations after loving Insect Armageddon so much but EDF4 dropped the ball all over the park. Irritating enemies and levels, a hideous multiplayer and matchmaking system, and lame character classes spoiled what should have been awesome. I'm hoping they address some of these problems for the PS4 version but I won't hold my breath.

    So, Earth Defense Force 4 (2025) for me.
  • Destiny for sure.  They set the bar so high and fell so incredibly short.  On top of that, they removed a ridiculous amount of content. 
  • The Legend of Korra (PS4) - What a steamy pile of trash.
  • Dark Souls 2


    My hype was through the roof for this game. I took part in the beta. I liked it. The multiplayer was promising. I played the game, I liked it, but when I beat it, I didn't want to play it again. As time went by, I looked back on the game with more and more disdain towards to it.

    What happened?

    Well, I realized that I don't play Souls for multiplayer. And multiplayer is just about the only thing that DS2 did decently well. Everything, absolutely everything else in the game was a massive step down from Dark Souls 1. The world was no where near as interesting. We went from dense, interestingly designed levels to wide open fields? Guess which one was easier for them to make.

    The characters are not memorable. I still remember Solaire, Lautrec, Logan, Artorias, Ciaran, Gough, Siegried and his daughter Sieglinde from Dark Souls 1. Many of those characters were on a journey that took place alongside yours, and their stories were actually intriguing, unlike DS2's.

    The combat also felt mushy and much less tight. What in the name God happened to the hitboxes? Even the graphics were worse, everything was suddenly much more muddy and washed out. Not to mention that we were lied to about how the game was going to look! The art of Dark Souls is beautiful, and bar a couple of notable areas, the art did not get a chance to shine in DS2. In my mind, DS2 is a black mark on the series. I traded it in, I didn't think I would ever say that about a Souls game.
  • DS2 most dissapointing! Dear sweet God, was it supposed to cure cancer! I get it was not the Souls revolution that the Souls people lust for and fear, but MOST dissapointing? That's like saying a blow job was dissapointing. It might not be the best but you were still lucky to have it.
  • Well all the other games I was hyped for have done me well. :P This isn't the worst game of 2014, but most disappointing! For me anyway, I'm sure for a good few people DS2 will be their GOTY.
  • You had high hopes, my brother, high hopes.
  • Just remember, the only votes that get counted are the ones that are filled out on the form :)


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  • @westsw Oh yes I did. :( I have high hopes for Bloodborne too (glad it isn't Dark Souls 3 btw), but this time not quite as high as had for DS2.
  • For me it has to be Titanfall. I played the beta it was amazing. I played it none stop for the duration. Then the game came out and I probably put less time into it than I did the beta. I wanna go back to the game and check out the Co-op Horde type mode they added post release . But yeah it is definitely my biggest disappointment.

  • Think this might be Watchdogs for me. But then due to all the issues Halo: MCC might also be that.
  • LBP3

    I want LBP to live up to the potential I see. I did not even buy this because of the warnings that errors can simply make it painful. Between this and Driveclub, Sony really screwed up. Both of those have been overshadowed by Halo multiplayer straight up not working. How any game can outdo those three for most dissapointing is beyond me.
  • Either my expectations were set really high or it is in fact a disappointment, but I'll have to add Persona Q to this category.

    I'm not saying the game is bad... But, it was really a Etrian Oddysey Game with a persona skin over it.
    While Etrian Oddysey is fun, and I do enjoy dungeon crawlers. This title felt like it didn't even need to be made at all.
    It was purely a fan service game. Story progression is slow, and the dialogue Inbetween, as well as the missions, felt like they were just fillers to fill the gap for the lack of story.
  • Year after year of monitoring different game award shows and articles, its funny to see the biggest disappointment. No proof of this but, I'd love to see some data on correlation between marketing/hype/rumor vs fan reception. I feel what plagued destiny and similar disappointments is the false and deceptive facade developers like bungie and ubisoft created for their blockbuster games. So much of the hate was generated from false expectation that would not have existed had developers fairly illustrated the depth and scope of their game. Of course this theory would exclude game bugs as a factor of disappointment but, just a thought. 

    And on that note Destiny and Watchdogs can suck it in a tie for biggest disappointment and 1st place for "I think the wrong disc came in the box cuz I don't recognize any of this shit from the game play videos I saw at E3 a year ago lulz" :) 
  • I have just got into Diablo with some friends and we always have a great time. Most disappointing game is slightly harsh :( . Though i owned it for months and never played it which probably says something about it's appeal.

    But this was all after the expansions and removing the in-game purchases, which by ear absolutely destroyed the game (well at least the balancing) .
  • It's a difficult one for me because I didn't buy many games this year and the ones I did I knew what I was getting into. I usually wait a month or so after a games come out now, give them a chance to patch it up and lower the price.

    Probably the most disappointing game for me was Assassins Creed Rogue. Because I have played through every console AC game since the first except for the newest two. But Unity I will get at some point, I'm going to play that because despite its bad reputation everything my friends have told me about it makes me want to play it. Rogue on the other hand, I've watched gameplay, I've read reviews, and I wouldn't touch it with a long pointed stick. It's everything I didn't like about 3 and 4 culminated in one game. Which makes it the first in the series that I won't be playing.

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