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    Noob's Choice 2012 Winner - Journey

    Everyone loves a good indie game, and they seem to be dominating the market. Which game triumphed over all indies in 2014? Minecraft re-releases do not count.
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  • Transistor
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    Shovel Knight

    It's just too damn good. It eases you in gently, you realize that there are hidden areas, that it's a bit of a slower platformer, and that Shovels can be pretty dangerous and useful weapons. You beat the first proper level and you feel good. You say "Ah, that wasn't too hard." Shit's just beginning, son. The 2nd level of Shovel Knight was more tense than the entirety of some other platformers. It's all because of the variety of ideas in the game. You don't really know what's going to come next. The only thing you can be sure is that you have your damn Shovel, and that you can conquer the world with it!

    Fear the Shovel. Become the SHOVEL.
  • Can we add games that were released before 2014 but came out on other platforms in 2014?

    There are a lot of games that came out on PC before 2014 that I never played but came out on PS4 and Xbox One this year. Would those games count?
  • @amardilo

    I don't see why not.
    Noobied by 1amardilo

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