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    Noob's Choice 2012 Winner - BioShock Infinite

    We all want to get our sweaty palms on the next best game. What is your most anticipated game set to drop in 2015?

    And, go vote!
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Metal Gear Solid V are tossups for me. The Division seems pretty cool.
  • This is an easy one, and probably no surprise to anyone. Bloodborne. More Souls. :)
  • @vampirelich

    Man, I had to vote Bloodborne as well. It just looks...magnificent.
  • It was Evolve until I played the beta. The games cool but it just doesn't gel with me.

    It's probably gonna be Arkham Knight for me.
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  • Fallout 4

    It's coming.

    Shut up shut up shut up let me have this!
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  • I'm going with The Witcher 3, but The Division (hopefully Ubisoft doesn't screw it up) and Bloodborne are pretty close as well
  • No Man's Sky or Fallout: ?  Looking forward to these two the most!

    Shout out to: Bloodborne and The Division
  • Fuck yeah, Nutta! BATMAN!
  • Batman Arkham Knight.

    There's a lot of good looking games next year but I have to go with that one.
  • Witcher 3 with Bloodbourne close behind..
  • I know only number 1 counts, but screw it, too many great games are out next year.



    Persona 5

    What's funny, is that Persona 5 is probably the game I know least about in this entire list, and yet I want it the most. By far. It's because the potential that P5 has excites me so much. No gameplay has been shown, but I have a feeling that it will be changed from the P4 formula. I hope it is, but even if it isn't, it's not a formula that I dislike. It's one of the few turned based systems that's still good.

    The only things Atlus have let us know, are some thematic ideas. "[Hashino:]I want players to come away from the game feeling like they have that power to take on the world around them and keep going in life." At a time when I'm going through plenty of struggle in life, this sounds like it's coming around at just the right time for me. Not many things in life can produce that feeling, and if P5 manages to do that, it's going to be wonderful.

    "We want players to come away feeling like they've found a renewed sense
    of self and an understanding that they can't be apathetic towards
    what's going on in society."

    Ok, now that's just being too serious.

    "But when you're playing the game itself, you don't have to sweat the big philosophical stuff quite so dramatically."

    That's better. Full interview here.




    Yup, the newly announced game from Blizzard; Overwatch. I'm in love with the characters and I'm in love with its world. At first sight too, I was immediately smitten with the game. It looks like so much fun as well, to top it off! I like how there are characters and not classes. I can not wait to play as Hanzo! I just ugh I can not wait just give it to me noooooooooooooooooooow Blizzardpls!

    Sorry, I don't have much to say except that I'm really feckin' excited to play it! I think that's a pretty good reason.



    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Oh, this game. When the Witcher 3 was revealed for the first time, I remember saying to myself; "I'm gonna get a PS4 whenever this game comes out." Lo and behold, it looks like that's what's going to happen. Massive, beautiful, interesting world. Really punchy and awesome to look at combat system. Quests galore. Sold. You might say that those three elements appear in a lot of RPGs, but the Witcher 3 looks like it's going to actually do those 3 things really damn well. This is going to set a very high standard for RPGs to come.




    It's gonna be good - nay, great! No shields, only weapons. A new universe. Dark, gory, frustrating, satisfying, enigmatic, thoughtful, fun, difficult, and amazing. I expect Bloodborne to be all of these things. See you in March.



    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    So Silly. So Serious! Soooooooooo Solid. To me, it looks like the cinematics are going to be dialed down a ton, and the gameplay looks like it has gotten plenty of tweaks to make satisfyingly complex. You've got allies with you on the field, and you can instruct them to assist you exactly how you want. You've got day/night cycles along with weather variation, which all can heavily affect how you approach a mission. I like the sound of this. I loved MGS4, but not for the story! I really enjoyed every chapter in that game, as the gameplay I thought was top notch. MGSV looks like it's going to be a fantastic successor, getting rid of the wrong that MGS4 did, and sticking only to the good stuff.

    And hey, you can send sheeps flying to your home base. #GOTY



    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I'm excited for this.....mostly for the same reason as Witcher 3! Except, this game probably won't have anywhere near as interesting a story or world. What it does have over The Witcher, is awesome traversal. So you can pilot that mech in the picture. And you can make it fly, and you can make it into a hovercar, and you can also take into battle and you have your own Gundam, basically. Sounds pretty bad ass.



    No Man's Sky

    I've boarded the Hype Train. No Man's Sky just looks wonderful. Simple as that. Worlds are created as you explore, if you're the first one to discover an important thing, your name is stamped onto it. I can't wait to discover Planet Nemozflower and then have that planet be discovered by other players. For those players, it'll even say "Discovered by FirLocke". Just awesome.

    Who knows, it may end up sucking. There mightn't be much gameplay outside of flying and exploring. Who knows. Right now though, it's a very exciting idea of a game.



    Yup, that's Abe. And that's a Nintendo logo. What I'm talking about is:

    Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

    Also known as the worst fuckin' name for a game ever. However! This game is being made by the folks who make Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. I really love these people, and in terms of gameplay they're taking cues from the people who made the Brilliant Valkyria Chronicles. That game rocked. Much like Overwatch, I like how all the people you can play as are actually characters, rather than excretions of a class system. I like this trend, give me more of it! Nonetheless, I expect to be thinking about how to keep people alive, how to choose to grow characters' skillsets, much chemistry on the battlefield, and much thought to be had on that battlefield. See you in the Spring!



    The Legend of Zelda Wii U

    So a change to the formula has been promised, eh? I like the sound of that, because Zelda really needs it. I've only played 3 Zelda games and the repetition is already settling in. As much as I'll always love the characters, the art, and the music of Zelda, I've thus far not been too enamoured with the actual games. I've have high hopes that this will change with Zelda Wii U.



    Batman: Arkham Knight

    It's been a while since I last played a Batman game, and Arkham Knight looks like a fantastic game to get back into the series with. Brilliant visuals, some new additions to the gameplay, but outside of that, one knows what to expect. I liked Assassin's Creed Brotherhood because you could press a button to call a horse. Well, in Arkham Knight you can press a button to call the Batmobile. I like it.

    Honourable mentions:

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    Uncharted 4
    Mortal Kombat X
    And tons of indie games like Axiom Verge

    I would also like to mention that if I thought Final Fantasy XV was coming out next year, it would take the number 2 spot.

    And that's that! :) It's gonna be a great year!
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  • MGSV? Fallout 4? Bloodborne?

    I need a fast forward button for life.
  • Uncharted 4 tops my list, but 2015 has so many more awesome games coming out. Tom Clancy's The Division, Bloodborne, Evolve, MGSV, Halo 5, The Witcher 3. Gonna be ridiculous.
  • Well, my vote goes for The Witcher 3, but man, isn't NEW MARIO MAKER AND ZELDA WiiU FOOTAGE AWESOME!?!?!?!?

    Mario Maker 
    Zelda WiiU 
    Noobied by 1vampirelich
  • I was wrong! NOT BATMAN (he's number 2). How could I have forgotten my most anticipated game... :(


    Hyper Light Drifter.

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