Kamen Rider: SummonRide announced for PS3, Wii U
  • Something for @hp1703?

    Kamen Rider: SummonRide is a game similar to disney Infinity and Skylanders in that it uses a portal and figures (also extra "chips" to buff your character)



  • The Trailer Video
  • Bought it yesterday for 3000 yen (about 30 dollar) :P
  • And it is crap!
    While Skylanders is fun the miniatures are collectible, this game is poorly done Looks like a PS2 game the mechanics are clunky, The loading times are atrociously long, when you put a figure on the portal (which has a an USB cable instead of the wifi that the Skylanders uses) it has problem reading the NFC tag, or resets when I add an ability coin. The levels consist of only a few maps where sections are blocked off instead separate level design for each level.When your character "dies" and you put in a new kamen rider, there is no short invulnerability, so when you spawn so the enemies just continue to attack you. And don't start on the NPC's that constantly repeat the same drivel when you make a selection.

    Next the figures, with a culture so steeped into collectibles and gashapon, most figures are the same with only the base a different color denoting its "element"? You can get some of the figures at grocery shops and some of the "ability" coins are available as random gashapon. Another thing is that the Japanese Toys 'r us sell sets of coins and sets of 2 figures with a few coins, but all the figures in the sets have the same color, which i don't understand.

    It is like Bandai saw that Skylanders,amiibo and Infinity? was successful and developed this in a month from concept to market, to cash in. Now i know why it was so cheap when i bought it.

    Buy this only when you are a Kamen Rider fan or if you like to collect trophies (like me :P)
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  • You actually expected quality out of something like this?
  • Some of the Kamen rider games are reasonably good, but even the simple series has more quality than this.

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