Blizzard Announces Overwatch
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    Blizzard announces Team Fortr I mean, Overwatch! This is exciting!


    Beta will be in 2015. Sign up here: I know I sure did!

    Here's a more detailed look at all of the characters revealed so far:


    First up was Tracer, dressed in yellow and sporting an impish English accent. She played a strong role in the introductory video that announced the game on stage today. In the gameplay montage that followed she showed off the power to quickly teleport herself forward, and could also rewind herself back. She used the later talent to move away from contact and approach a bottleneck in the map a second time. 


    Reaper is the name of a darkly cloaked, masked adversary. He had two massive shotguns that he wielded akimbo, and drifted through combat amidst a myst of black smoke that seemed to hide his movements as he engaged multiple targets.


    Widowmaker is the sniper class. Lightly armored, she seemed to rely on maneuver. Her grappling hook shot let her move above the fray on the ground, where she zipped from one overlook to another. She appears to have an ability much like Hanzo’s that lets her see through walls.


    Winston, a bespectacled ape dressed in heavy white armor, let loose with a short series of electrically charged melee attacks.


    Pharah came next, bounding across the field of play and then hovering over it for a time. Her profile made her look very much like a Gundam, especially when she launched a barrage of missiles from her shoulder and leg-mounted batteries racking up multiple kills. She then received just about as much damage as she put out, enduring a hail of fire from a rotary gun before going down.


    Then came Reinhardt. Towering over the other characters at the same scale as Winston, the heavily armored creature swung a massive war hammer and seemed to glow with an unearthly light. He was able to steamroll other players, stunning them and taking them out of the fight. Later, he took up the charge with a tall, wide shield projected in front of him.


    Symmetra came next, with an Indian accent and long black flowing hair. She worked with energy weapons, but was also able to create wall-mounted turrets out of thing air. Lastly, the dropped a teleporter that allowed allies to stream into her location and join the fight.


    Torbjorn, a dwarven engineer, dropped armor buffs while he assembled powerful defensive turrets and shield generators. In his final moments on screen he turned bright orange, and seemed to be filled with the power of molten metal.


    It was quite a surprise when one of those turrets turned out to be another character named Bastion. This robot was able to change like a Transformer from an emplaced gun to a full-fledged playable character with a submachine gun.


    Hanzo came next to the front lines, a lightly-armored ranger class he looked like a refugee from Azeroth with a futuristic recurve bow. He scampered up walls to a higher perch without ropes, using his bare hands to cling to shear surfaces. Channeling the "eyes of the dragon" he was able to spot enemies through obstacles.


    Adding to the flying units was Mercy, and angelic medic with feathery wings. Her "healing stream" brought players back to full health from a distance, and even raised them from the dead. She was no slouch in combat either with a single, powerful pistol.


    Zenyatta is a yogi-like character who floated over the ground, launching energy balls from his bare hands. At one point he sprouted multiple phantom limbs to strike the pose of Kali, the Indian goddess of destruction.

    Character descriptions courtesy of Polygon. <- More detail in the link.


    Overwatch is certainly coming to PC, but whether or not it will come to other platforms is still very much up in the air. I never thought I would ever get so excited and interested in a multiplayer FPS, but Overwatch caught me hook, line and sinker. I am in love with the look of the game, the characters are brilliant, simple gameplay, and it looks like mad fun too.

    My absolute favourite character is definitely Hanzo right now, followed by Widowmaker and Reinhardt! There are more characters yet to be revealed if this picture is anything to go by:


    The three characters to the left of Tracer have not been detailed yet!

    I am very interested in this game! What about you guys? :)

    Oh, and even though you can sign up for the beta, there is no guarantee that you will actually get into it. No harm in signing up for it anyway though!
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  • Well, I'm in. Their Pixar-like short film was great. I was on /r/gaming and wasn't sure what I was looking at (or that it was even from Blizzard) and it has got its hooks in me already.

    I miss the days of Survival Project/Battlefield 2 with how you jump into rooms and just fight. The moments you'd have - never to really be repeated again - were glorious.

    Throw in sci fi and a pleasantly vibrant palette to cause all sorts of chaos in and yeah, I can't wait.

    I've got my sights set on Reinhardt as I generally like to play the defender/paladin classes. I think his melee style will compensate for my lack of twitch reflexes.
  • @sloth I like it when a game knows what it is, and let's us get to the meat of it straight away! It's lovely to have all this lore to delve oneself into if one is interested though. I get the impression that I may be perhaps a more offensively minded Reinhardt than you. :P
  • @Firlcoke Wow, that was a comprehensive post!
  • @8drawt Wonderful things happen when I'm motivated! Thank you. :) I also really want to make my own brand of coke now. #Firlcoke
  • One word: Brink

    That game had a beautiful trailer. The game looked nothing like it.

    That said Blizzard is about as likely to drop a true turd as Valve or Naughty Dog. There are a few studios that never release garbage. Looks like fun, but I am bad at FPS multiplayer. TF2 is a clearly wonderful game... That will hand me my ass anytime for free.

    That said I totally want to play Good Grodd.
  • @westsw I feel like Overwatch will actually be easier to play than TF2. Everything is just so maddeningly fast in TF2 that I could never get into it. This looks more manageable in terms of overall speed. I have to say that Brink never even crossed my mind when looking at Overwatch, but looking at the two dev's history, yeah I have a at least a little more faith that Blizzard will deliver a good game here! I mean, even looking at just 2 of the 12 characters revealed so far, Overwatch probably already has more variety than Brink, and sure as hell already has a lot more colour.

    I suck at multiplayer FPS too, but this still looks like great fun so I'll give it a go!
  • I played a lot of the beta and it's very fun, we had a squad going and had some really silly matches and fights. It is way more accessible than a lot of shooters. It is also sort of cheery and light-hearted and cute almost. But def fun. Anyone else play the open beta? I'll be getting this on PC. 

    What are some of your fav characters? I'm digging Zenyatta, Reaper, Widowmaker, Pharah, Bastion.
  • I am on the fence with this one. I'm concerned about the longevity of it. Is there still going to be people playing this 6 months down the road? And what of Battleborn? How does it compare to Overwatch? Are they going to be drawing the same crowds or do they have different target markets?
  • My partner and I have been playing a lot of Overwatch and we really think its very good. It is less so about getting good at one 'main' character and instead, it pays to be good at many roles; so that when you die, you switch characters and give your team that rock, paper, scissors dynamism.

    My characters are: Soldier 76 for attack, Reinhardt for tanking, and Mercy for support, with casual dalliances with Bastion because he's OP, Mei to piss people off, and Widowmaker over Hanzo for snipes.

    I think this game's longevity will be tied to its match making service. I mean, look how hard Diablo 3 plummeted. Not dead by any means, but really not as strong as Blizzard's other games. The frustration I'm getting with this game is that people like to just stick with one class ignoring the other team's composition. And so I end up being bitch/heals and really not playing as fluidly as I feel a good team affords you. But boy, when you've got a good team going where nobody's stellar but everybody's switching about willing to give it a good go - now that's the best.

    I'm hoping that post-beta that the crowd will thicken or thin or whatever and start matching me with more people who will not flood the team with Genjis and Reapers, especially when we're defending.

    However, given my experience with WoW pugs and how badly that goes sometimes, their match making better be bloody good.


    Its very good, its very fun, but I'll be giving this a miss. If they do pseudo LAN-play with bots however, (which will never happen, so even if just online 2/10 with bots) I would buy this to mull over in-between games and nights.
  • I'm guessing this will maintain its longevity well, all of Blizzard's games have a very dedicated community still, from WoW to Diablo to Heroes of the Storm. They've been marketing the hell out of it. And TF2 shows this kind of game can last awhile.

    I too end up rolling heals a lot. Usually I wait until everyone has chosen a character and then choose what is most needed. Although I had a match where we had two Widows and the other team had one and the other team's was chewing us up, so I went Widow to try to be vindictive and stop the slaughter.

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