Happy Halloween!! (2014)
  • Just wanted to wish all of you a happy Halloween! What's everyone up to? Do you like Halloween? Are you dressing up?Playing any scary games? Watching any scary movies?

    Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of dressings up for Halloween. I might play something scary late tonight though! Maybe work my way through outlast or something. Other than that, it's just my normal workout routine and Internet dwelling on my commute. :)
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  • I'm out drinking in my local town tomorrow. Looking forward to the imaginative sexy nurse, sexy nun and sexy cat outfits I am likely to see.

    I picked up a Rorschach outfit from a supermarket today. It looks terrible but it'll do the job for one night.
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  • Thank you Slix! I was never big on Halloween, but I got some sweets just in case people come knocking on the door. Might watch some horror films tonight!
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  • I am at home handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, but we haven't gotten any yet, on account of the fact it's bitter cold and snowed earlier.
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  • I couldn't be arsed dressing up this year despite the fact I love it, but my friend had a niece who was going trick or treating for the first time so I helped with her look. I had my FFX Lulu outfit from last year that I could have hacked down to size for her but she wanted to go as, " the scary yellow lightning lady " and Larxene from Kingdom Hearts was a much easier look on a small budget and smaller timeframe.

    Carved a nice pumpkin with my mum but the underside got bashed and started to rot away so I had to chuck it.

    Any trick or treaters come to the door and they'll get a handful of fuck off there's a recession on.
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  • Only had one knock on the door tonight. Three little ladies dressed as a zombie, a witch and a pixie. They were so modest taking only one sweet each from the goodie bag. I ended up giving them the whole bag. :P

    ........Maybe they planned it!
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  • I got two little kids but they were wearing coats and hats and gloves so I couldn't see their costume. 
  • Lots of kids, took short stack out for her brief Halloween. Certainly a change from many years past, dressing as a six two Powerpuff girl, and after getting quite drunk telling strangers about my divorce from Mojo Jojo and how the bastard was behind on child support. Things change.
  • Ahhh the morning after. So important to buy too much candy. Feeling ill. Holding a Reeses, singing to my wife:

    Take this cup away from me.
    For I don't want to
    taste it's poison!
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  • Rorschach, scary yellow lightning lady, six two Powerpuff girl? This thread needs some pictures.

    Here's what I put on, I just played board games with people at a card shop in Dallas. Was fun.
    Two more pics on my facebook. 


  • Merry Christmas! I'm late to this thread, I've had PC troubles. I didn't go out, but I watched half of John Carpenter's The Thing, but I haven't gotten around to finishing it. I usually like to play scary games all October long, but that didn't happen this year. I would like to play The Evil Within at some point this year maybe though. :)
  • Are we doing post-event Halloween reports?  I stayed in and looked after the kids while Mrs Littleg did a late-night run to the supermarket for the big weekly shop. In contrast to other years, I didn't turn all the lights off and pretend no-one was home to deter trick-or-treaters but a) that's still not that big a thing in the UK, I don't think and b) we live in a tiny village in rural Surrey so didn't actually get anyone knocking on the door.  Pity, we had treats in and had carved a pumpkin and everything...

    In lieu of scary stuff, while I had the place to myself I finished watching Event Horizon on Netflix. The years have not been kind to some of the CG in that movie, but the tension was also significantly slackened by me watching the film in bits over several nights and also doing other jobs around the house at the same time. Also, I'd forgotten how clunky some of the dialogue in that movie is, plus it's a late-90s film so of course it has incongruous dance music over the credits beginning and end.

    I also watched Prometheus, which manages the impressive feat of squandering the promise of "Ridley Scott-directed Alien prequel" through the process of dragging out any potential explanation of what was going on. Fair enough, I was fairly clear on the sequence of events by the end of the film, but for much of it I kept thinking 'was I supposed to have done some pre-reading?'.  Also, for some reason, I couldn't warm to the two main leads, so Cloverfield-style I couldn't really summon much empathy when one of them bit the dust.  

    Finally, there is a horror-movie trope that bugs the shit out of me for some reason and which is particularly egregious in this one.  If you introduce your monster as a tiny little bug-thing and then shortly thereafter it re-appears magically 50 times its original size, despite being locked in a small room for the intervening period, I'm going to ask where all that biomass came from.  That's at least partially explained in the original Alien by the xenomorph eating the crew but here it's just One Minute: Cuttlefish; Next Minute: C'thulhu.

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