Bayonetta 2 (WiiU)
  • Ok! I've been playing the BONUS Lost Chapter that takes place after the main story, on 3rd Verse difficulty, and its the hardest thing!

    I've literally spent hours trying to get thru the 12 verses of the 4th Witch Trial, (not today, but its been like 3 days I've been stuck on 4) None of the individual challenge rooms are too difficult (until the 5th Witch Trial but I'll get to that later), its the endurance of getting thru the back to back fights w/ no items and very little health recover.

    I think when I finally finish the 5th and final Witch Trial I'll come back here and write up a little guide/tips/tricks for getting thru these bonus stages, after all this time I've spent doing this.

    I want to try and finish this up this weekend, so I can start up the new Adventure Time game on Tuesday before Smash Bros. on Friday. But with as long as the 4th one took me, ...I tried the 5th, and it seems crazy balls nuts hard, but we'll see. I'm still having a blast with this game.
  • Ok, the 5th Witch Trial is going to be impossible for me to beat! :p

    what I've learned. These tips only work for the 1st 4 Witch Trial
    missions, I haven't found a good strategy for the 5th yet.

    really good at triggering Witch Time. Go at it slowly, because each
    mission has a lot of rooms. Once you get to a particularly hard room the
    trick it is to not get hurt until that room (or get hurt very little).
    Know when to do torture attacks to remove tough foes, and when to
    trigger Umbran Climax for bigger foes/health regen.

    Thats it.
    After hours of Playing the Witch Trials, thats what I've learned. None
    of the individual fights are terribly difficult, but its the endurance
    run style of these missions that make it difficult. That is not true
    however of the 5th Witch Trial.

    Overall I've really enjoyed my time with this game.

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