Bayonetta 2 (WiiU)
  • Bayonetta 2 is getting a huge buzz critically right now. Game spot game it a 10 and from what I have gathered it is only their 8th ever 10 score.

    I have never played the original (I hear it's packed in with the sequel). It seems cool but I have never been a big third person action guy. I am really no good with combo systems.

    But on the other hand it seems missing this game means missing out on a big part of what may become gaming history. I also want a reason to turn my WiiU back on.

    So sell me on Bayonetta. Oh and you can use this thread to talk about this game in general.
  • Dude she gets naked and fights with her hair. How are you not sold on this?
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  • Because I'm not a 12 year old virgin.
  • I bet you're also never accused of being the life of the party either. Modern surgery can probably remove that stick out of your arse.
  • 'Tis in the post! I won't be able to play it for a while, not until I get myself a Wii U bundle of some sort by the end of the year. I wonder if I should play Bayonetta 1 first? I know there's a story to the series, but I kinda want to play the 2nd one first.
  • @FirLocke if you've never played Bayo 1, I would do that first b/c its great! If you have I'd start with 2 I think. :)
  • The original is a download code that comes with Bayonetta 2 right. Or did I just make that up just now?

    I'm sure I read that somewhere.
  • @vampirelich Ach, that's what logic would say! You know, I might try just a little bit of Bayo2 for fun, and then dive into Bayo1.

    Btw, I saw this deal last night.

    I couldn't help myself. A Wii U is on the way! (A lot sooner than planned!)
  • @FirLocke Sweet deal! I've enjoyed the games that I've played on the WiiU, I especially like the VC, and I plan to pick up Bayo 2 at my local store tonight! :) I might not get to start this weekend but soon.

    I am also planning on maybe picking up a 128GB USB flash drive, since I've nearly filled the 32GB internal storage. I do love the VC, I just wish the old classic games would come out faster.
  • If I had a WiiU I'd dip, but I never played the first one!
  • @Manio They thought of that, and thus Bayonetta 1 comes with every copy of Bayonetta 2! Unless you live in Europe, where you also have the option to buy Bayonetta 2 by itself.

    @vampirelich Yeah, 32gb isn't a heck of a lot better than 8gb and I prefer the Wii U in white, so I didn't mind at all buying the basic Wii U. I wonder, can you expand the memory by using an SD cards or do you actually have to use a drive? I'm interested in the VC as well, can't wait to play the first English Fire Emblem especially!

    In Europe, Bayonetta 1 even has its own box. This is great because of the limited space on the Wii U!
  • @Firlocke No, expansions with the SD cards. That slot is only there for backwards compatibility with the Wii Mode. You can use USB Flash drives to expand the memory, or external HDDs. I picked up a 128 GB flash drive along with this game yesterday. :)
  • @vampirelich I might just do that too. Using a flash drive is a lot more convenient than using a HDD! Thanks for the info. :)
  • @Firlocke after doing some reading, there may be some trouble with the Flash drives on the WiiU, since they don't have addition power.

    I have not tried mine out yet, but I will and report back on the performance. that, with a usb y cable looks to be a good option. I still want to try out my Flash drive first.
  • @vampirelich Do. It seems like Flash Drives are a bit hit and miss, while self powered drives are the best option. Personally, I don't think I'll be downloading much, but it's worth discussing this since I believe that Bayonetta 1 is a download for American users, and I have no idea how much space it takes up.
  • Holy Fuck! This game is fun! I've been playing the past 2 hours and I can't stop smiling. :)

    After playing for some time, I think this is a tad easier than the 1st game, but I am loving it so far.
  • I've been playing through Bayonetta 1, but I'm stuck on chapter 10! Shit is hard. :(
  • I am playing 2 on the 3rd Verse difficulty and it still seems easier than the 1st game, but its magical, I played almost 3 hours last night and had a blast. This is way up there on my games of the year list I think. :)

    I completed the 1st 4 chapters and I've been able to complete all the Challenge stages hidden in the levels so far. Which I was unable to do in the 1st game, b/c it was too hard.

    @FirLocke how are you liking the 1st Bayo game so far?
  • Really damn good. I feel like I need to get better at the combat though, I am kinda rushing through Bayo1 to get to Bayo2. I buy all these techniques from Rodin and I never use them! I like using the katana and the standard guns, don't really like the claw weapons. The game is such a joy to play though. It's honestly like a different game coming from the PS3 version!

    What the hell was that motorbike section though?!? That part was terrible, rest of the game is brilliant. :P
  • Just finished the first Bayonetta and popped in Bayo2 for just 15 minutes and OH MY DAYS it's beautiful! The presentation is just leagues better than the first one. Loving the new designs for Bayonetta and Jeanne.

    It's a good thing I played through Bayo1 first because it pretty much picks up right after Bayo1 finished. Well, kind of anyway. Can't wait to dive into it more. Went straight into hard difficulty (3rd Verse difficulty?), I feel like Bayo2 is going to be worth the time to get good at the battle system.
  • YES! its so much fun. I too am playing on 3rd Verse. I think I just finished chapter 8. I have noticed there are some Co-Op levels unlocking as I play, I am totally going to want to go thru those once I finish the story. If thats something you guys would be interested in, let me know. :) I know its got local coop but I'm pretty sure its online also, but not sure.
  • Anytime you see me online and feel like playing Tag Climax, send me an invite. :)

    I'm exploring waaaay more in Bayo2 than I ever did in Bayo1. I feel like I need to because 3rd verse difficulty is pretty hard! Just met
    and that dude got annoying QUICK. Perhaps that was the point though.
  • Ok, I have beaten the "main" story mode and WOW! They deftly connected the 1st and second games, in a way that the 1st game wouldn't have taken place without the events in the 2nd, even though the 2nd starts out after the 1st game.

    Also I unlocked some other playable characters (Jeanne), a new higher difficulty and a bonus lost chapter!...

    Seriously this is possibly my favorite game this year. I love the combat, and outrageous story.
  • I think I might notch the difficulty down one. I died a fair amount the last time I played and haven't gone back to Bayo2 in a few days now. I feel like there is an interesting plotline buried within the two games' storylines, but the games present themselves in a way that I can't get myself to care about its intricacies. I care about what happens to Bayonetta and co. but that's about it.
  • OH. :( I beat all the main stages on 3rd Verse, and I really want to go back and playthur it all again on Infinite Climax with Jeanne. I do love character action games.

    There is even a nod to DMC1 in this game. Bayonetta is in Hell, and a boss that Dante had killed shows up and attacks you! I laughed when it showed up!

    No shame in dropping the difficulty if you aren't having fun. The only part that really gave me trouble on 3rd Verse was the last boss. But I was lucky I was stocking up on Halos and I bought a bunch of Witch Hearts to up my HP, and I basically played that whole fight in Witch Time. It was kinda brutal. ;)
  • And Witch Time doesn't last as long as it did in Bayo1! My baaaane. But I guess the Umbran Climax balances that out. I believe Hideki Kamiya - the creator of Bayonetta AKA Best Dev on Twitter - also created DMC1, so that would make sense! I love how hell is featured waaaay more bluntly in Bayo2 though, adds a ton of variety to the enemies!

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