• WestWorld

    Worth watching, the cast is better than most movies. Looks great, we will see if they can land it. Obviously an AI slave rebellion is coming, cuz that's WestWorld. It does seem to be hinting at more than that, what with the man in black and his Lemat revolver. The awfulness of the guests reminds me why I never played GTA5. I did not like who I was in GTA4. This iteration of WestWorld is totally influenced by GTA. It tilts hard towards sociopathy trainer.

  • Luther

    Watched the entire series a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it. Luther reminds me of some of my favorite characters: primarily Batman. He's completely consumed by his work; nothing is more important to him than stopping the worst of society, and he is always on the edge of becoming the very thing he hates the most. His empathy is what always pulls him through as he pushes everyone away in his quest to relieve the world of its most malicious occupants.

    The show itself is well crafted. Each episode builds not only a new set of criminals but a new set of themes to be examined. It's smart, morbid, loving, intense, and my only complaint is that the final season was the weakest and left me wanting more.
  • Luke Cage

    Not quite done with it, but it is clearly a disappointment. Not terrible, but it is a big step down from Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The writing is poor and the villain is crap. Kilgore and Kingpin were better than most movie villians. The villian here is boring, poorly written and poorly acted. It is too much Shaft wanna be and not enough comic book. Hopefully Iron Fist and Defenders will be a return to form.
  • Iron Fist

    Just plain bad. Bad bad writing. The plot is just stupid all the time. Do not watch. I am a huge Marvel guy and this just hurts. I hope Iron Fist gets little screen time on The Defenders.

    The Expanse

    Really good. Actual space opera with a great feel. Takes a while to get going. I did not fall in love in an instant. It is not on the level as The Wire or Game of Thrones, but this is high quality shit. It is an age of wonder we live, when such high grade sci-fi can go unnoticed amongst even better offerings.
  • ...Adding The Expanse to my list of things to watch on Netflix.  I'm two episodes into Attack on Titan, but my TV watching time is even more limited than my gaming time.
  • DCs Legends of Tomorrow

    Still the goofiest show on TV. Some episodes seem like fan fiction, but I like it. The George Lucas episode was so cheesy that Chester Cheetah would have said, "too cheesy", but I love it. Guilty pleasure.


    Still good but evil speedster plus killing family for effect is every single season. Season four must NOT have an evil speedster!

    In other news, android TV put a free DVR in the live channels app, and it works just fine. Just when I thought I could not love my Shield TV any more than I already do. It already streams anything, is a killer Kodi box, can emulate any system before PS2.... and do about 900 other things. Now it is a free OTA DVR with channel guide. I do not think the game service is worth it, but you can leave that alone. I am so happy with this box. Best thing other than a PS4 you can hook up to a TV.
  • Black Mirror

    Just started watching this show. The first episode wasn't a good introduction, but I'm a big fan of Charlie Brooker, so I stuck with it. The show is one of the most unsettling things I have ever watched because of how eerily on the pulse it is on the future dangers of technology. Not so much technology on its own; rather more the lack of faith in people to use technology appropriately. 

    I think it's rare for a show to be pessimistic in theme. There's never any silver-lining, or triumph at the end. More a warning of how we use technology in our every day lives. 
  • Been trying to hook my kid on Young Justice. Season 3 of Young Justice is in production, so that is great. The new season of Samurai Jack is very enjoyable. They have made the art style and themes even more minimalist. How many brush strokes does it take to make a forest? Three, if they are perfect.

    And how about that Rick and Morty season 3 premiere? Stinks we only got the one episode, but nice to get the other half of that story.
  • Called the reveal of who Savitar was on the Flash last week. Kinda obvious, but man was it a cool reveal.
  • I have been watching Z Nation. It's fun. I like it more than Walking Dead which I have given up on. Z Nation is the same idea but it has a sense of humour about it. Zombies are hard to take seriously, so I prefer movies that don't.

    I also watched all of Hell on Wheels a while back, about the construction of the transcontinental railroad in the US. I liked this more than I was expecting to. Mr Gunderson is a great villain. I could say more, but won't.

  • Stranger Things

    Really good show, the timeline gives it a classic feel and boosts the score.

    Penny Dreadful

    A show that's not afraid to go over the limit at a few points, kind of like how Quentin Tarantino would.
    Not hyping.
  • @Darkkeychain

    It's a shame Penny Dreadful only got 3 seasons. The show was fabulous.

  • Watching Penny Dreadful. It is good, great great cast, little predictable.

    The Flash finale was ok. The first surprise was cheap. The final surprise was much better, gave me some hope for some originality in the next season.

    I am three episodes into American Gods, and it is the bomb. Great production values and visuals. Changes the material but I love it. Ian Mcshane is the man, Mr Sweringen is one of the best sociopaths ever. Having Ian as Mr Wednesday is a dream come true.
  • American Gods is already on t.v.? Where?

    The book is wonderful. I'm interested to see what kinds of changes they made.
  • It is on Starz, they have changed all sorts of things. Episode two opens with a very different telling of the first African God in the New World. I like the tv version better. It has been a long time since I read the book, so I could be wrong.

    Also, the end of Samurai Jack was satisfying, but that needed to end. Some premises cannot go on forever.
  • Well Sunday has maybe the best one two punch in TV history, GoT and Rick and Morty. Pickle Rick is an instant classic. Just watched The Defenders, and it is good, but the ending kinda sucked. Villian motives just seemed wishy washy. Hated the deus ex at the end. It had great moments. High grade chop socky throughout. Miss Weaver was great, but her character needed to be fleshed out more and given longer and better speeches. Stick was awesome. That was the coolest way to find out Scott Glenn is left handed. Jessica burns Matt so many times. The scarf looked better. Flawed, but I really did enjoy it.

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