• Ash vs The Evil Dead

    Only one episode, but unholy necronomicon is it good. It is Bruce and Sam, so it is true to the source material. The gore level is way past what I thought TV would do, but the times they are a changin'. I hope they can keep the quality up. If you have not seen Army of Darkness, go do that. It still is my pick for greatest B movie of all time.
  • That first episode sure set the stage. Amazing what good writing will do for a D list villain. Least Marvely thing from Marvel, hints of a horror vibe every now and again.
  • Jessica Jones was described by AV Club as a "hardboiled neo noir feminist" work (well, those 4 words, maybe a different order) which means I am dutybound to try it out.
  • Anyways, I finished episode one of Jones. It is a pretty good first episode. It is probably not going to be something I finish. TV takes commitment I rarely have patience for. I don't know why I still have patience for MMO and open world games but not TV. Maybe I am just jaded. There were shows I used to occasionally watch. There were some mid aughts shows I watched and liked but they all eventually cratered, back when I was more open to TV. I will refrain from naming them out of shame. Many anime I have watched were much the same. It is super hard to sustain a story and character arcs for 20, 50, 100 hours of content. Even good writers struggle the same way with long book series. Wheel of Time goes from fun pop fantasy to literally making Star Wars prequels look like impeccable masterpieces. I am rambling again.
  • I think Killgrave became sociopathic because of his power. If literally everyone does what you say, how long until you just think of them as cattle and get very very bored with humans? How hard would it be to have an honest conversation, when your words are power? You lose your fellow man as a sounding board for your thoughts and spiral off into a lonely narcissistic world. Goodenough, it's 13 episodes. But you should watch Daredevil, it's Omazin.

    I think X-men is more important to the genre than Spider man. X-men showed you could do a team film with lots of characters. No X-men, no Avengers. Before X-men, half or all the movie was origin. X-men said let's just start with the good stuff. The last X-men movie had characters they barely named. You don't know Bishop? Go read some comics asshole.
  • David Tennant is PERFECT as Killgrave, and I'm enjoying this eons more than Daredevil. Good stuff all around.
  • I just finished Jessica Jones last night. Such a thrill ride.
  • I powered through a whopping two more episodes last night. Three episodes in three days, go me! It's pretty good. The sex scenes are hilaribad. I wish the noir trappings were more prominent, other than music and Jessica being a PI, the visuals and dialogue aren't really at all noir. It is weird when you remember all of these are connected and the alien attack they drop was Avengers. I am not at all up to speed on Marvel. Luckily this is rather standalone. The acting is good. There are weird ancillary moments that feel unnecessary. It's a good show. I wouldn't say I love it.
  • Finished Jessica Jones. It had so many interesting ideas at the beginning that I could not help but feel that it left some stuff on the table. Excellent overall, probably the only real reason I like Daredevil more is that I was reading Daredevil at age twelve, and this compelling broken bitch is all new to me.
  • Watched a couple of episodes of Into the Badlands. Writing is deeply unspecial. The fight choreography is excellent, especially for TV. Matrix really raised the bar on what folks expect. You can check it out and see if the sword fights bring you back.
  • Bojack Horseman is excellent. Extremely funny. Vincent Adultman is my hero and I want to be him when I grow up.
  • I love the mixture of cynicism and absurdism. Bojack goes from emotional grit to wacky animal joke in a heartbeat. The counterpoint is pleasurable.
  • If Game of Thrones does not draw you in, then you either do not like fantasy or you do not like drama. That show may only be behind The Wire, all time, for me.
  • It wasn't so much that it didn't draw me in so much as it's a lot to watch. Coming on 6 seasons of one hour episodes. If I have to commit that much time to something, I'd just as soon read the books in all honesty.
  • You are clearly the offspring of a soviet sleeper cell, and do not "get" our culture, yet. Nevertheless, I welcome you, comrade, and hope you will one day understand your adopted homeland. May the winters be cold enough for your mama.

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