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    Yea, the Merlyn thing is a bit hazy. Him being buddy buddy with Olly and Thea is probably the weakest link in the show. I actually kind of like what they're doing with the Batman story, its their take on the story and it looks like it might go all the way seeing some of the tweets Stephen Amell has posted recently. Sadness incoming.
  • The new Daredevil is excellent. I am only a few episodes in, so I will correct if it starts to suck. It is way Frank Miller in tone, gritty gritty gritty, but it is telling its own story. Matt's dad is back to being a good guy ( Miller rewrote him as a hateful drunk. ) for example. It is brutal. Opens with Cox showing us his acting chops and then cuts to the origin, with a newly blind child screaming. The fights so far are battles of attrition. I have not seen Stick yet, so maybe the origin is still cooking. It has complete continuity with the MCU, but is a street level view. Matt cannot even throw a motorcycle. If you have Netflix, you simply HAVE TO watch.
  • I've watched a few episodes of it. It's awesome, Daredevil is such an interesting character, he's Marvels Batman. They've taken a similar model to Arrow in that it's partly this really gritty action thriller, partly flashbacks, and then there's this supporting cast around him who offer more fun and humour. It's a good mix that took Arrow a while to find but Daredevil seems to have fallen straight into it.
  • I've seen the first episode of Daredevil. It was excellent! I love the dialogue between Matt & Foggy. I tend to watch TV shows veeeeeery slowly, but I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it. :) Yay for Netflix!
  • Second episode is one of the best. Yah get both Matt's dad and a fight better than Old Boy.
  • Old Boy is overrated revenge porn, loved by eleven year olds the world over. The Daredevil hall fight works better because it is smaller and more believable. The Old Boy fight leaves for stupid town and goes on much much much too long.
  • I agree Old Boy is overrated, but it sure is memorable as fuck. Even the soundtrack, it's so good! The fight scenes in Ip Man, Ip Man 2 and The Raid 2 destroy Old Boy's though. They are meant to be action movies though, so they have that going for them. Old Boy's stands out because it's a phenomenal fight scene within a mystery/thriller/drama.
  • Are you talking about the American Old Boy, or the original Korean movie? I only saw the Korean, but I don't remember any epic fight scenes.
  • I would agree that Oldboy (this is the original, not the shit remake) as a film is overrated. But it's still great, it's definitely memorable, and I don't know where you get that it's for 11 year olds, west.

    It's all subjective, I suppose, how one scene can be better than another. For me that fight is so good because it's all done in one shot, from an angle like a side scrolling beat'em up. The music is iconic, it makes it feel like a last stand in a western. And it's a really emotional few minutes. He's going wild with that hammer, and he gets knocked down and you wonder if he's going to get back up. And he's so tired he can't even stand up. And to an extent, it's better because you don't expect a scene like that in a thriller. If it was in a martial arts movie or an action movie it would probably be commonplace. The fact that it's in a thriller gives it more character.
  • Well, we have to link it now! Here it is, with bonus tooth scene. :)

    Fight starts at 3:20. Spoilers if you haven't seen it! It's on Netflix I think.


    So good.
  • Daredevil ep 7 is the best since 2, but they are all good. Scott Glenn as Stick is just movie caliber casting. This version of Stick is an asshole made of cold metal and even colder resolve. Cox continues to be perfect and this version of the Kingpin is complex. They even try to get you to sympathize with Wilson.
  • So, I sat and watched a couple of the leaked episodes of Game of Thrones. Rather pleased so far. Of course they have changed so much from the books, but they're so far down that path it's pointless to complain anymore. At least they have kept some of the more interesting storylines, and merged a few others. Hopefully they payoff is there at the end.
  • Second half of Daredevil got a little talky. I do not need constant chop sockey, but I do need it to feel like a comic book. Still very good, the final payoff was solid. Definitely better than Arrow or Flash. Kingpin had his emotional journey as well. His final sight in the finale was good writing. I liked his conflict in terms of perceived motives but I did not like it when he lost his temper. I know they wanted him dangerous but Kingpin is at his best when he is calm and nine moves ahead. The set up for future ninja/magic conflict was tantalizing. Defenders is off to a very solid start. Worth paying for a month of Netflix to watch.
  • Danger 5

    This is an Australian show that is live action Team America. It is on Netflix and worth looking at. I really like the first episode but the title of nearly every episode has Hitler in it, so we will see if it holds up. It is very funny very very sexist and very Australian.

    And of course, kill Hitler.
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  • Top Gear will be fine because of the budget. World class car porn. Where else are you gonna see million dollar cars raced against each other? As long as they have the writers to come up with wacky ways to use those godlike resources, I think most car nuts will keep tuning in. I mean, is there any real competition? I can't think of a higher end car show.

    I bet Mays and Hammond are pissed that Clarkson cost them a very cush gig.
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