• I personally have been watching a hell of a lot of TV recently. It seems to have taken up most of the time that I used to spend gaming. All the TV I consume now is basically on demand. Generally via Netflix or similar services. 

    This got me wondering what TV you guys like, how you consume your TV and what stuff would you recommend considering my tastes.

    I generally like the big budget American Shows. I think that Breaking Bad and Lost have to be my favourite shows ever. I will generally go back every so often and re-watch Lost and I recently went back and watched Breaking Bad all over again. 

    As for stuff that I am watching right now. I really got into The Blacklist last year and even though The Vampire Diaries was a bit Twishite and girly. The Originals is pretty awesome. 

    Also over the last week I have weirdly gotten into Dr.Who in a big way. I used to love David Tennants portrayal of the Time Lord but after watching an episode with Matt Smith I quickly lost interest. Peter Capaldi brought that interest back in a big way. I like his darker, sarcastic doctor. So much so that I started watching Smith's episodes again to pick up the back story. Long story short I am close to catching up on the new series and Smith's portrayal has grown on me. 

    So what TV do you like. What are you watching now, what are some of you favourite shows ever?

    What would you recommend to me, or other users?

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  • I don't watch a great deal of television these days, but sometimes blitz my way through DVD box sets and would recommend the old - but still fun - Spaced and Red Dwarf to those here who have yet to watch.

    More recently I watched season 1 of Penny Dreadful and enjoyed its heady mix of gothic horror characters, brutal set pieces and stunning Victorian settings and the first few episodes of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain currently have me hooked.

    If I could give one just recommendation, it would have to be the criminally under-loved Northern Exposure. Just a brilliant, brilliant show.
  • Good discussion, Netflix is my best friend!

    I have seen Lost and am currently rewatching Breaking Bad as well (season 5). Both great shows.
    Following is a list of Netflix shows/series that I have recently binged on in order from greatest to still pretty good:

    Prison Break (favorite all time), Breaking Bad, Death Note (anime), That 70s Show, Trigun (anime), Lost, The Walking Dead (new season premiers this Sunday!), Dexter (not worth it considering how long it is)

    Big budget pop series are your type, I'm sure you've heard of or seen Prison Break at some point. If not, you should give it a go considering it's not too long. If you are a fan of anime, Death Note is my favorite in that category. Twisted rules on mortality along with a great plot and a real thought provoking struggle between right and wrong.

    I don't go very long without watching an ep of That 70's Show just out of love for the characters, great little sitcom of 1970s suburbia. Couldn't expel it from my list (;
  • The first season of Prison Break is incredible. But from there. What the hell happened.

    Also yeah son. That 70s show is amazing. Hyde is a boss.
  • I collect movies and TV shows on DVD and/or Bluray. I have around 1000 movies and 220 tv show seasons at the moment. I do also use Netflix. If stuff is not available here in Finland, I may have to use less legal means. I don't really like any Finnish stuff so I watch mostly American, British and recently Japanese stuff.
    Some of my favourites are Futurama, Joss Whedon's stuff, Game of Thrones, Breaking bad, Drawn together, Venture Bros, Sherlock, Dr.Who, and Top Gear (UK version).
  • I'm not a big guy on TV, but I'm currently watching Misfits with my Dad. Great British show actually! Frank, brutal, humour coupled with creativity that's expressed through young adult lives.

    And what do young adults do? They fuck up. In rather hilarious ways.

    I haven't been able to get into Game of Thrones. I actually watched 2 seasons of GoT but I've just never felt like continuing it.

    I was very much into anime a few years ago. My favourite series' were Code Geass, Gintama, SamChamploo, Time of Eve and Ouran Host Club. I'm probably forgetting a few but those are off the top of my head. My interest in anime dropped heavily a couple of years ago, and nowadays I only try out whatever is very popular or what my friends recommend. The only recent anime that I've really enjoyed was Kill la Kill. That was a brilliant show!

    I think nowadays I just like a show that has memorable characters with plenty of surprises, twists and turns in the story. I think this is why I'm enjoying Misfits so much at the moment.
  • Game of thrones, everything else seems to use the episodic same blueprint for their series that get's old really quick, haven't seen Breaking bad yet that seems to be good.
  • My big TV shows that I'm watching/waiting for:

    - Arrow
    - Constantine
    - Doctor Who
    - Game of Thrones
    - Gotham
    - Agent's of SHIELD
    - South Park
    - Big Bang Theory
    - Flash
    - Walking Dead

    All the comic book related stuff on TV has been really cool, particularly what they're doing with Flash and Arrow, the whole spinoff/crossover thing sounds awesome. Glad to see SHIELD really pick up the pace last season and that still looks good. Walking Dead is still going strong. Can't wait for Constantine, I'm a big fan of the Hellblazer comics so that should be awesome. Gotham is a little hit and miss right now, hopefully it can start to pick up soon.

    Game of Thrones is between seasons right now, obviously. I'm really enjoying the stuff I've read in the books brought to life, some of the changes they've made grate against me a bit, but the show is really good for the most part.

    And the longstanding stuff, Big Bang, Doctor Who, South Park, hit and miss for me. Doctor Who has been really good, I really like what they're doing with the new Doctor and these pretty much self contained episodes which are so, SO much better than the overcomplicated mass of yarn connecting all the later episodes in the Matt Smith run. South Park has been quite good too, I like how this series they're doing things a little differently and having a bit more of a continuing story going on. It's not something that you even notice too much, it's just little threads they use to connect the episodes, like the first episode was all about how Gluten was some kind of poison, and then in the third episode Randy is drinking a beer and he's like "it's okay, it's Gluten free." It's nice to see a show which has had the "everything is back to normal at the end of every episode" formula suddenly realise it needs to change to stay fresh. Big Bang has been pretty meh, I don't know if I'm bored of it or if it's stopped being funny, but generally my laughs per episode is way down over previous seasons.
  • The new Doctor Who is growing on me. I like my doctors goofy, I grew up on Baker. But we have had nonstop goofy doctors and I am beginning to like this mean old man.

    Flash is off to a good start. Ed as villain works so much better than it should.

    Brooklyn 99 is really funny. My new 30 rock.

    Game of Thrones is the king. Having travelled a bit recently, HBO sucks otherwise.

    South Park is so hit or miss. The Christmas Critters are one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but so often it is preachy boring libertarianism.

    Daredevil is the show I am waiting for. Arrow is OK, but Daredevil is a character with the potential give Batman a run for broody frowny hero time.

    Walking Dead is the most overrated thing currently on air. Those slow stupid zombies would not have toppled Kenya, let alone ended the world. Poor whites in the South vote republican but subconsciously know the system is unfair to them and want it to burn. One of the strongest hatreds in the South is self hatred. Walking Dead owes it's success to how nihilistic America has become.

    Also, Treehouse of Horror was excellent this year. The comic book guy gag is Barry Lyndon.
  • Just watched the first season of Homeland.

    Holy fuck that was good!
  • i have to mention the one show that fits everything you said you like. i was quite glad when rolling stone listed the 10 shows you have to watch now and "Orphan Black" was on that list because its up there with the best shows on tv and nobody is talking about it. do yourself a favor and watch breaking bad and dexter and walking dead. but by all means make sure you add orphan black to that list.
  • I watched the pilot for orphan black and I dunno it seemed mediocre. Does it get better from there?

    It's a BBC Of America joint right. They aren't known for their decent shows.
  • Visiting the Spartacus series that I tend to follow whenever it is being broadcast, highly recommended if bloody violence, swordplay and nudity is your thing
  • Yo! It's all about Arrow, The Flash, and Walking Dead. Cartoon wise, Avatar Legend of Korra. SO GOOD!
  • @Slixshot

    This season of Arrow has been pretty good, however The Flash is just dominating. Holy moly.
  • @Manio

    YEAHHH BOIIII TV shows have gotten so great! Such a good time to be a viewer.
  • I dunno I would like arrow to play darker.

    The arrow in year one (what the show is based on) has no family, is an addict and is dark as fuck.

    I wanna see an Ollie like that. Battling with addiction. Feels he has no one to turn to. I like the show but it could have been so much more.
  • @nutta27
    I like Arrow the way it is, to be honest. I think the whole "dark gritty" thing is a little overrated, everyone thinks thats the way to go because thats what they did with The Dark Knight trilogy, but I think Arrow makes a better compromise between the serious stuff and the more cartoony, comedy stuff. I can't latch onto characters who are serious all the time, they feel inhuman, Arrow manages to throw in a little more humour and enjoyment. Like if they were to kill off Felicity, I would be way more upset than I was when they killed off Rachel in TDK.

    Flash does a good job with the balance of it too, but I love how they are throwing so much of the superpowered world in. It's been 4 episodes and already theres been Weather Wizard, Mist, Multiplex and Captain Cold, and that's not even including cameo appearances and characters who are pre-superpowered. So Flash gets a big double thumbs up from me.

    The Walking Dead has got their formula down to a science. Big explosive season starter, then a calm and peaceful, humanity building episode, and then all hell breaks loose and we see how far below human people really are.
  • @Orion.

    I still find Walking Dead super snoozy.

    Rachel was horribly written so I'm fine with her being gone. Arrow does everything right, and I'd be super heartbroken if they kill of Felicity. Hell, if they kill off Merlyn I'd still be upset.

    Also, Flash was such a surprise for a show. I thought it was gonna blow.
  • Well the latest episode of Arrow was so stupid as to make you worry about the series, as a whole. Spoilers


    Merlyn is not just a murderer, he is THE MASS MURDERER from the biggest plot line of the series. Oliver did not just refuse to kill him. He did not just refuse to punish him, at all. He put him under his protection. That makes no sense, at all. That is Batman making sure the Joker roams free. That is John Wayne giving the bad guys the women and children. That is this series, which was OK, saying, "Here sharky sharky sharky."
  • Just started on Walking Dead season 4 on Netflix. Bit of a snoozefest if I'm honest! Especially after watching 3 seasons of Homeland in quick succession!
  • @westsw

    Yea I agree it's kind of stupid. But at the same time, I think Oliver realises that he can't protect his sister and be the Arrow at the same time. Merlyn might be a murderer, but he has shown a willingness to protect Thea at all costs. That is Oliver's awareness of the situation. Plus, like Merlyn said, what's he going to do? Lock him in prison? He'd escape just as easy, even from Oliver's prison on the island. So what's he going to do? Another way of looking at it, if he just let's Merlyn go, the league will keep coming for him, Merlyn is going to keep watching Thea, maybe he thinks the league will try to use Thea to catch Merlyn like Nyssa did. Or even if not, she could still get caught in the crossfire.

    Essentially, he's protecting Merlyn to protect his sister. It's silly, but there is an odd logic to it.
  • The whole fucking show is I came back to protect my city. It was the quest my dead father gave me. In his time as protector, Merlin has done more harm than anyone. Now he works to let him walk around? It is stupid stupid stupid. There is no logic. Pol pot does not make anybody safer. It is the opposite of the shows very premise. The shit Olly says during the titles? Yeah forget that.
  • Agents of Shield just cranked up again, and it is an OK show. The most impressive thing to me about that show has been how they have integrated it directly into the MCU movies. Winter Soldier came out and that show turned on a dime. Of course it had to, with Hydra and Shield. What is wild is that they are now launching Inhumans from this show, where that has never been much of a connection in the comics. MCU is really trying for a comic universe continuity that just seems to get more ambitious. If they can make 700 million on Rocket Racoon, they have a hundred other ideas to mine.
  • Agents of shield is amazing. When you consider how bad it was at the start, how it hit all those bad tv tropes like "look how pretty everyone is", "we can have big name actors in the pilot, but then never again", "look how stereotypical all our characters are!" It's amazing the turn around they've had.

    Arrow and flash have also been brilliant. I think Arrow is probably my favourite show at the moment.

    Game of Thrones returning soon. Been looking at some of the footage they've released and some of the backstage talk from designers and stuff. I've truly given up complaining about how much they have changed from the books, it's time to accept that the show will always be a shadow in comparison.
  • Flash is fun but Arrow has continued on this stupid tangent from exactly where I called it. First we buddy up with Merlyn, now we go full Batman. Betray your own premise then steal someone else's. Arrow is way off track.

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