NooBTooB Episode 234 Discussion!
  • They're back! Back with a bang and plenty of drink.

    What a great episode! Awesome shout out to Sleeping Dogs Tobin, I loved that game so much. I'm not a huge fan of either GTA or Yakuza, but Sleeping Dogs hit it right in the middle and I never thought about it that way! I've never heard of Ingress, and Yuzo you may have just sold me on it, although I'm fearing for my life if I do play it. It sounds dangerously addictive! Oh, and never mind Attack on Titan, Yuzo, watch Kill la Kill. It's the shit.

    Tobin, since you're flying about so often nowadays and you have a 3DS I so, soooo highly recommend Fire Emblem: Awakening. It'll make your flights disappear. It's a strategy game, but a lot of people who had never played strategy games before loooooooved this game as their first strategy game. It's got a simple battle system to get your head around, but it allows for so much experimentation that there can be plenty of depth, as much you want really.

    More importantly, it has so much story. Tons and tons of character development, and since you gave Danganronpa such high praise for its story and characters, I think you'll really like Fire Emblem. Give it a shot! It's my favourite game on 3DS! (outside of Smash Bros)

    So! What did you guys think of the episode? :D
  • Just like old times.  Really wish they could do something like a monthly episode, so we could at least get our fix 12 times a year instead of 1 time every 1.5 years.

    I also wish this was filmed after Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.  I wanted to hear  their thoughts on it.
  • This is so righteous.

  • @Firlocke Thanks for the update and the kind words!  I'll also give Kill la Kill a shot, I was really disappointed in AoT after all the heaps of praise that my friends gave to it.

    @Devined Yeah it was too bad, I've really been digging Shadow of Mordor and just told Tobin he needed to pick up a copy.  Who knows, maybe we'll be able to meet again sometime before 1.5 years again and talk about it :).

  • Good to see a new episode.  Good to see less drinking and less cursing.  Clearly that last sentence proves I am getting older as well.  Getting hyped for VR.  Must not just buy toys.  Must wait for stuff to shake out.  I think it will end up being Occulus and steambox, but who knows?  I have been putting off falling down the Hearthstone hole.  The fact that everyone says it can actually be free to play is encouraging.  Ingress sounds like the most horrible thing ever.  Yuzo, I hope you represent on Bloodborne on upcoming titles.  I suppose the real drumroll will be if any game is going to get Tobin to buy a console.
  • Yuzo summed up Hearthstone perfectly. If you're into card games, it's great, if you've got nothing to do for a while, it's great for that too! Arena makes the game totally, it's the most fun the game has to offer for me, as a guy who's not too into card games. I've not spent a single penny and have put in a good few hours into it.

    Tobin will get a PS4 for Uncharted 4. Let's be real. :P I'm gonna get one whenever Persona 5 is out for it! Although Bloodborne and a multitude of multiplats make it mighty appealing already.
  • Amazing episode guys. I think it's pretty telling that most of the games Y and T spoke about where smaller indie titles.

    As soon as the theme tune hit. I got all giddy. Took me way back. X

  • I am so glad these guys were able to make a video about the games they played.

    Speaking of Sleeping Dogs, the definitive edition is coming out on Steam. I guess they kind of ran out of ideas.
  • Need more episodes, and more swearing please! Westw needs it :P
  • I missed these episodes.
  • Awesome episode guys, really enjoyed the discussion on virtual reality. I think I'm pretty much repeating myself from last year... but these episodes really are bitter-sweet. It's great to have you back for a couple of hours though! It's crazy how well you guys can slip back into the routine. It almost felt like it was just last week since the previous episode.

    Need to check out a few of the games as well. I'd wrote off Stanley Parable as 'portal humour', which I'm not a really a fan of, from what I'd read about it at release but the game sounds like it's way more than that. The Fall sounds like a great concept as well.
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  • Fantastic episode and so happy to see you guys back at it. Even if it's just a couple of episodes a year it's much appreciated.
  • 235 is up on Youtube now, if anybody hasn't seen it.
  • Thank you @Orion. I wouldn't have caught it otherwise

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