PS4 HDD Question
  • When I upgraded the PS3 hard drive I went with a 1TB drive as people were saying that anything bigger was a bit sketchy and sometimes PS3s had trouble with them. Well it's the age of PS4 now and I'm thinking 500GB will fill up fast once the games start coming next year, so I'm thinking of going with a 2TB drive this time. Does anyone know of any issues or heard any horror stories about doing this? 
  • I've heard no horror stories I must say! In fact, here's a very detailed guide on upgrading specifically to 2TB. There's a link within that guide that leads to another guide which goes into detail about upgrading your PS4 HDD in general too.

    It is kind of silly that the PS4 only comes with 500 GB, but by doing that they managed to hit that magical price point of 400, so fair enough.
  • Sweet. 2TB here I come!
  • I plan to do the same. I thought 2TB would be perfect for the PS4, since all the current gen games are huge.
  • @FirLocke 500 GB is probably fine for a lot of light users, and as you mentioned it did allow them to get to that magic number of $400.
  • If you are upgrading your hard drive you might want to make sure your saves are backed up (or the ones you want to keep). I think if you have PS+ you can back them up to the cloud. Also you can't back up your games so these will need to be reinstalled and downloaded (if you bought them digitally) so it can take a while to get everything back if you have a large library.

    I went for a 1TB SSHD (it's a 1TB Hard Drive with a added 8GB SSD for caching most used stuff). I wanted something that would help with load times, which it seems to (after the first few loads).

    But as my PS4 is now my primary console and I buy a lot of games I now have less than 400GB free, so I'm not sure how much longer that will last.

    I really hope that sometime in 2015 Sony release a patch that allows for games to be stored on external hard drives.

    I've got a few friends that bought a 2TB hard drive and they have a lot of space for future games.
  • Damn, I am doing fine on space.  More proof that I am a poser... or have children.

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