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  • Today is the day that my two year contract is available for an upgrade. In the 2 years I have had an iPhone 5 (the battery just conked out after a was literally lasting a couple hours). I then bought a Nexus 5 and although I did like android at the start after a while I started to miss iOS. I had put so much money into apps on my iPhone it seemed like a waste buying them again. That phone was eventually dropped on my drive. I was offered £150 to fix it....fuck off. 

    So for the last 2 months I have been getting by with a terrible LGG2 mini. This brings me on to my conundrum. Do I go with my gut and get the iPhone 6. There is currently an offer on the table to get the phone for free and pay £35 a month if I upgrade my contract within the next 24 hours. Or do I wait and see what Google have in store with the next nexus?

    Also what phones do you guys have. Do you like you play many games on them?
  • This is quite a pickle! There's a loooooooot of bad buzz going around the iPhone 6 what with all the bending and all, but I can imagine how bad it is to go from one system to another, especially after investing so much into one system's apps.

    If you're sticking with the upgrade path, I think it would make more sense to stick with Android phones in the long term, since there's many, many different phones you can choose from every year. As long as it's a pretty big brand, all your apps will carry over with your gmail account and probably work on whatever phone you choose. Whereas there's only one new phone with iOS every year and if that's fecked like what's happening with the 6, well, that's that then.

    If we're going for high end phones, the HTC One models and the Xperia Z's (you can remote play PS4 games on the upcoming Z3 btw, you connect your controller to it) all have very high praise from people I know personally. Alongside the high end Samsung stuff of course.

    I always go to the Unbox Therapy and MKB HD channels on Youtube when it comes to phones. They're entertaining and informative, if you'd like to do some research.

    In my case though? I stick to the cheap prepay phones and get myself a good tablet instead. Currently using Xperia Mini as a phone (going on 3 or 4 years now) and a Nexus 7 as a tablet. Happy out with that combo.
  • @FirLocke that sounds like some sound advice to me. 

    Yeah that is a bit of a mess xD . I have a Galaxy S3, probs gonna go for the phablet Note 4 sometime this month only because the cell data on my S3 is a bit iffy. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.

    I am pretty firmly in the android camp, I don't play much on my phone these days at all.
  • @8drawt No problem man! I'm known as the tech guy to a loooooot of people that I know, so I'm asked about phones often. Which is kind of hilarious when I'm carrying a phone with a 3 inch screen size haha xD. Most people are like "That's a smartphone?!?" Yeah. Fun times. :P

    Totally forgot to talk about the gaming as well. I don't game at all on the phone since I have my tablet. I mostly use emulators to play SNES and GBA games. I sometimes play whatever is popular at the time. Recently, Amazing Brick!
  • @FirLocke Haha, there are some great little smartphones out there! Been checking out one of the youtube channels you recommended (Unbox Therapy) And jesus it does not look healthy in terms of how easy it is bend those IPhone6 Plus' !

    But yeah these devices are pretty great for running emulators, even lower end phones are pretty powerful under the hood these days. The only issues are with the controls, it can be irritating trying to play stuff like GBA games with just the capacitive touch screen as a controller.
  • Just got my iPhone 6 Plus and I'm loving it so far.  The screen is great for movies/tv and games.  If you're itching to get back to iOS, I'd recommend that.  It does feel a little weird in the hand like I'm going to drop it at any point.  I'm hoping the case I get will fix that particular issue.

    If you're sticking with Android, I'd also look into the Note 4.  The reports back from Gear VR are highly encouraging, and getting some mobile VR action in might be worth it in the end.

  • My last two phones have been Galaxy Notes (a 1 two years ago and recently a 3) - I really like them, but I really only use them for streaming video while I'm doing mindless jobs around the house and browsing the internet/twitter etc.  I've never really played any games on any of my phones - the only time when I'm free to game is in the evening at the end of the day and at that point I'd rather be on my consoles.

    The only downside with big phones is you look a bit of a pillock taking calls on them, but who uses their phone for that these days???

    I'd have happily stuck with my Note 1 for another 6-12 months, but one of the OS upgrades (4.2.2, I think) just killed it - everything ran like shit after that.  I toyed with installing CyanogenMod on it, but it all seemed a bit sketchy for someone as techincally illiterate as me.  Although, speaking of Cyanogen, I hear nothing but positive things about the OnePlus.  I toyed with the idea of getting a high-end chinese clone phone because I wanted a completely vanilla Android experience and the OnePlus sounds like one of them, just really, really good.
  • My Galaxy 3S has been a great phone. I am totally going to the note 4 next month. The 6 Plus looks similar but I will take the slightly larger screen and slightly sturdier design. Also, every person I have met with a note 3 raves about the phone, raves. If you prefer Apple OS, probably that is the way to go. I still love my aging Mac desktop, but when my wife got a MacBook Air, the screen cracked twice in months. Sometimes I feel like Apple makes stuff for rich people with no kids.
  • The huge phones are way too much for me. My nexus 5 screen was perfect at 4.9 inches. Just big enough to carry around and not look like a complete too and still a decent size to watch videos and play threes. 

    The vanilla iPhone 6 seems like the best fit there. I really did miss iOS over the past year during my brief stint with Andriod. So I took the upgrade deal my carrier provided. The phone will arrive Friday. I am honestly a bit giddy. I love new tech shit.

    Also Egg Vanilla Andriod is the way to go. I have had the LGG2 and before that the Nexus 5 and by far the Nexus 5 was my favourite. No Manufacturer OS bogging shit down.
  • @westsw Yeah i am doing the same. The screen on those note Phones are impresssive, even comparatively with the S3 the screen looks vibrant as anything.

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