Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/09/14
  • Sleep is for the Weak.  Destroying your sleep patterns to keep playing a game you said you were going to stop playing last week is for...the Week in Gaming.

    (360) FIFA 14 "I think I need to call time on this game soon, though.  I am still enjoying myself enormously, but I am missing out on other stuff and I need to move on." Thus spake the oracle Littleg last week. "I think I'll do the next season's Summer Transfer window and see if any new players I buy in/promote from the youth squad fit in and then take a break." 

    Well that went well.  The problem lay with that second sentence, as the transfer-market dealings that I described in ball-breaking detail last week appear not to have paid off.  I'm currently fighting on four separate fronts without a recognised first-string goalkeeper and, whilst my central defence is as rock-solid as ever (Club Captain Craig Cathcart, the only remaining member of the original Blackpool squad, ably supported by Dejan Lovren, Bernardo Esposito and a youth team graduate called Anton Cabral who is a superstar) I'm shipping goals at a rate that would have never happened if I'd kept my hands on Tim Krul.

    What's worse, the kid I broke the bank and lost Krul to buy has yet to justify his transfer fee.  I suspect that's because I've never got my head around the tricks and special moves you can do with the more skilled players that would allow me to dribble through defences with him, but as it stands Bakkali is merely another right winger in the team and does not appear to be a significant upgrade over Adnan Januzaj.  One thing that signing him has allowed me to do though is to move another youth team breakthrough star David Boyd from his support role on the wing into a more central attacking midfield position, where he's been a revelation.  With him and Toni Kroos in that spot, the all-Brazil strikeforce are starting to rack up a healthy number of goals.

    Goals galore at one end of the pitch are all well and good though, but if you can't keep a clean sheet at the other end, you're always going to struggle.  As a result, the season got off to a rotten start, losing the Charity Shield 3-0 to Man U,  then drawing with Bolton and losing to Newcastle in the league.  I papered over the cracks with a 5 (five) - 0 thrashing of Barcelona at home in the Champions League, and even managed to string together enough wins in the league to make it level with Manchester United at the top, but then a crazy 2-2 draw with Man City (curse you, Luis Suarez!) saw me drop back again.  I've also played a few rounds of the League cup, two of which went to extra time (one to penalties), further sapping my team's morale and stamina.

    It's been interesting having a relatively poor run of form, as the fake news reports and commentators are both talking about me losing my place at the club, just like they would in real life.  Thing is, I didn't want to leave things on such a bad note, so I've been playing as much as ever to see if results can be turned around.  And of course, now I'm nearly at the January transfer window, so I'd like to stick around for that.

    Shall I just write my entry for next week's WiG now?
    Noobied by 28drawt FirLocke
  • @LittleG To be honest, your write ups about FIFA are making me give some more respect to the FIFA games. There's clearly enough complexity and depth for those passionate enough - such as yourself - to really become invested in the game. I wonder, does your progress carry over to FIFA 15?

    This week though, for me, Final Fantasy has been my FIFA.

    (3DS )Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

    So, who loves Final Fantasy Music? I do! I caught the flu last Thursday, and this game has been a blessing in disguise. It's super easy to play, all you do is tap, swipe or hold to the music. Final Fantasy has tons & tons & tons of chillaxing music, and this has been a wonderful game to sink some time into, as I recover from the flu.

    Not only that, but this game has absolutely rekindled my love for Final Fantasy. The music is just so bloody good! Everything else in the game is wonderfully presented as well, I never thought menus and its buttons could be so crunchy and tasty....

    Er, that sounded weird. But yes! Theatrhythm is wonderful. You can choose 3 difficulty settings for every song; Basic, Expert and Ultimate. Basic is good to get used to how the game plays. Expert is great once you're familiar with the game, and Ultimate is where the real challenge lies. I go into every song on Expert first, even if I've never heard it before. I generally get A or S ranks, whereas on Ultimate I tend to either fail it or get A ranks. After the practicing the song a bit, I then tend to get SS or even SSS ranks on both difficulties.

    But it's really all about that gorgeous music. Sure, there are some stinkers, but even those that might be boring to just listen, can be surprisingly fun to tap along to!

    (PS3) Final Fantasy X HD

    So, as I said, my love for Final Fantasy has been rekindled thanks to Theatrhythm. I started another playthrough of FFX just a couple of days ago and I'm enjoying this playthrough a ton! It's been ages since I properly played FFX and my goodness does the game look beautiful in HD! Definitely the best looking PS3 remaster that I've personally played. Just got to the point after the Crusaders fail their operation to kill Sin by drawing Sin in via capturing a Sinspawn. I forgot how fun the Sphere Grid System is to level up your characters too!

    (PSP) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

    I never played very much of Crisis Core, but I bought it ages ago because for some reason Crisis Core isn't available to buy digitally. Just finished up with the Wutai mission. I like it so far, I've never played much of Final Fantasy VII, so the nostalgia factor isn't there for me, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. If this Final Fantasy streak of mine continues and I finish FFX, I'll probably continue playing Crisis Core.

    Now have some weird people playing a Chocobo theme. (I love these people)


  • Dark Souls

    I was doing so well. I made it through the depths and beat that stupidly easy dragon, but had nothing left after the fight. I made the mistake of using a homeword bone, and then decided to head back through the depths to get to blighttown. I missed a jump, fell down a hole, and now I'm fucking cursed (again). I've been through the back way of blighttown before after playing in the Valley of the Drakes, but I've never gone through the other way...should have just gone through The Valley of Drakes again.

    I honestly don't know what keeps me playing.
  • Egg your FIFA write ups are what got me back into FIFA a month or so ago. I generally play a couple of Seasons when the game first comes out and then its relegated to a weekend game me and mates play while we are drinking beer and chatting shit.

    This week though started out with a lot more Destiny. I have probably seen everything Destiny has to offer now. It may not be all it was cracked up to be, its still a bloody good game. It will most definitely appear in my Game of the Year list (if I make one). This week it was finally time to give the raid a shot.

    The Vault of Glass is the best Destiny has to offer. I can happily say that with out a shadow of a doubt. On Tuesday me and 5 workmates decided to head into the vault and give the hardest thing the game had to offer a shot. We played through a section or two a night (sometimes till 2 or 3 in the morning). Each section is varied and constantly requires all of you to stick together and work as a team. Co-ordinate your movements and play the best game of Destiny you ever have. The Vault consists of Platform puzzles, capture and hold missions, stealth sections and two massive fuck off boss's with multiple sections. 

    We did it though Saturday night. All had a little dance and tallied up what loot we had won. I managed to pick up a white (the colour not the loot type) armour shader, a exotic hand cannon, a rare auto rifle and multiple useless pieces of armour that got broken down. As well as a copious amount of crafting materials and enough money to hit the games cap. 

    But I think that's it for me. I'm done with destiny. At least until the next raid gets a release (lets hope its before the first paid DLC in December. 

    The only other game I played this week was actually this weeks big not Disney Infinity. FIFA 15.

    Unfortunately Firlock your career does not carry over from the previous game. To be fair I don't think I would want it to. I like to start the game with the current team line ups and player stats. 

    This year I started my Manager Career as Manchester United. Time to see if I can fare any better than Moyes or Van Gaal. Man Utd. starting transfer funds are a measly £33 million (come on FIFA they spent over £150 mil in the transfer window). Because of that I attempted to use the Financial Takeover aid but a bug in the game means that's not working. Great. 

    Anyway with my £33 mil I picked up Thiago Motta from PSG and started a youth program to bring so bright young stars into the club. Hopefully I can mine them for players in a season or two's time. 

    Motta fits perfectly into my 4-3-2-1 formation. Falcao and Rooney sit just in front of him with Van Persie as my lone striker. 

    So far that formation has been working out a treat. I am the top of the league and in the semi final of the league cup. Its now December and I have been heavily scouting a few promising Defenders to buy next month. With the hope they will slot into my first team and strengthen what seems to be my only weakness currently.

    Recently Falcao and Rooney have picked up a couple of injuries which will put them out of action on the coming months. At the moment I am forced to play Ashley Young and Mark Wilson in their places. With those two my last couple of matches have been a struggle. Van Persie hasn't been getting the balls he needs so I have scraped through on a 1-0 win to Fulham and a 1-1 draw against Aston Villa.

    With two week's off of work now I can see a lot of late nights playing FIFA so expect more from me in the future. 

  • @nutta27 Ah right. That makes sense actually, so fair enough. Do you and Littleg ever play against each other online? It'd be curious to who's the better player! :P
  • I read somewhere that you get the best youth scouting results from Italy, Spain & Portugal, @nutta27, so that's where I've been sending my three guys.  And I think Nutta's on the Xbone, while I'm on the 360 - so no matches there!
  • I'm on xbone with 14 yeah and ps4 with 15.

    I only have 1 youth scout for now. He is expensive too 5 stars on both attributes. He is currently on England and has found some,pretty promising players, but I'll bear that in mind and maybe hire another couple and stick those in Italy and Spain. Ta.
  • Defiance PS3 Played some pvp yesterday, and fun because of lag i couldn't see any enemies, they could kill me plenty though

    Destiny of Spirits Vita Still enjoying this the bosses are getting harder.

    No Heroes Allowed Vita Them heroes are getting to strong, need to evolve me monsters!

    Gran Turismo 6 PS3 Logging in daily, did some seasonal's, the one with the Lexus LF1 was difficult, the car handles like it is on ice, had to get a set-up from GTplanet to make it somewhat  drivable.
  • Played more Destiny. Level 27 and about to hit 28 with my titan, and 25 each with the other two. I keep meaning to switch over to PS4 to play it but all the friends I've made play it on PS3. Hopefully I'll be able to try the Vault of Glass this week if I can get 6 people together. I bought a slick exotic auto rifle from the weekend vendor with my strange coins, which is becoming quite a beast as I level it up. It sucks that you can only equip 1 exotic weapon at a time though.

    I also took a break to play a bit of Sniper Elite V2 on PS3 which I bought along with Sniper Elite 3 for PS4. Sneaking around blowing Nazi's eyeballs out the backs of their heads with x-ray vision is fun.
  • (PS4) Destiny - Starting to get to a bit of a grind but I'm trying to level my Titan up from 25 to 26 by doing some bounties.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - I've not played much of this since Destiny came out and I've mainly been waiting for the big patch to come out (it was released earlier today) that supposidly fixes some issues and adds some minor tweaks. Anyway should get back into this.

    (Xbox One) Forza Horizon 2 - I've been waiting for this game for a while now and I have already pre-ordered and pre-downloaded it in preparation for the release later this week. Really looking forward to playing this.

    (PS Vita) Persona 4 Golden - Just slowly playing this and doing a little bit at a time.
  • Eldritch (PC) I managed to finally get the true ending in the main game, and I beat the 1st dlc The Mountains of Madness. I still really enjoying playing this game, even after putting over 30 hours into it since it released a year or two ago. I'm still going back to it, and I may try and get 100% of the Steam achievements for this one. :)

    I'm pretty sure thats all I've played this past week. I've been really tied up at work the past few weeks and don't get much playing time. :p, I don't see that slowing down just yet anyway. But... the last Dark Souls 2 dlc comes out later today on PSN, and I really want to dig into that. :)
  • The bit about not getting sleep and not stopping playing a game you said you'd stop?
    My EVE sub runs out in April.

  • The Long Dark (PC)
    An early-access survival game over on Steam. It's pretty rad. I died from dysentery today from drinking melted snow that wasn't purified.

    This is essentially a Northern Canada simulator.

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