Oh How I Missed You All
  • Wow. I finally remembered my password for this site and I haven't been this excited to jump back into a community for awhile now. NoobToob was my where I got my start in the gaming forums and I've met a few good buddies from here too (looking at you, Justin and Sean!). 

    For those of you who don't know or remember, my name is Rich and NT really inspired me to talk about video games and share my thoughts through various sites and mediums. I started browsing these forums a good 6-7 years back and immediately fell in love with the community. I can't wait to jump back into NT and I hope I run into some old faces as well.

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  • Welcome back Richie! I followed your YouTube channel with its catchy opening tune and for a little while, it was the only gaming news I consumed. I know that people are quite hesitant to plug themselves because other forums usually hand out bans but go you and I hope that other NooBTooBers can enjoy it.

  • Haha well thank you brother! I really appreciate that. It's been awhile since I've gotten to create anything due to good ol' university classes ramping back up and beating be to death, but I want to get some content up this week!

    All in all I'm just happy to be back! I loved this site back in the day and I hope that I can jump back in and have a blast like old times! :D
  • Good to have you back, fella!
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  • Yo welcome back Richie! :D
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  • Just popping in past to say Hello..

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  • ^ 10/10 would turn gay for.

    Welcome back Smokie! What is your steam account? I'd like to reconnect and have a bit of a catch up to see how you are.
  • Shit, they're all crawling out of the woodwork now.
  • @.Ethereal. Too bloody right we are!

    Hi Rich! good to see you again :)
  • @tallchick

    Damn posers :P
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