Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 15/09/14
  • See last week's WiG for details on what's been eating up my time in the last seven days, only more so.  The same thing that stopped me from posting this week's one until Wednesday...

    Perhaps you're not currently singing for your supper in what is rapidly turning into a weeks-long audition for a role that your potential future manager is gradually winding back his previous statements that you're a shoo-in for?  Perhaps you've managed some...gaming?

  • Dark Souls

    This game....I can't stop playing. Like Demon's Souls before it, this game is equal parts gratification and mental mutilation. For every two hours of pain, there's an hour of gain; at least that's how it is for me. I'm dealing with the hydra right now, and this guy is just a pain in my ass. I need to get some humanity to I can upgrade my estus flasks past 10; everything else is more than enough for this guy. 

    I'm kinda freaking out because everyone says the real game breaker is the [Kapra?] Demon and I've yet to face that guy. 
  • Last week i was browsing my countries PSN offerings and behold
    It had Another world PS3 & Vita played it and finished it, still a great games although short, brings back memories from playing it on amiga.

    Also Deadly Premonition The Directors cut was on sale and i downloaded it, what can i say it's a strange game.

    Further i played
    Sumioni: Demon Arts Vita, quite difficult to get 3 stars

    Sonic & Sega all-stars racing PS3 Found this in a second hand store in the middle of nowhere and it is quite enjoyable.

    Defiance PS3 i am playing this a lot and it is your fault Flibmeister!

    Destiny of Spirits Vita killing spirits in a simple old RPG style way

    No Heroes Allowed Vita this is lots of fun and addicting contemplating to get the unlimited pick

    Army corps of hell Vita the game has its faults but sending goblins to their death is fun :P

    Gran Turismo 6 PS3 got the new Vision GT car a toyota
  • I'm having trouble remember what I played last week, and what I've started for this week. (yeah, one of those weeks)

    What little time I've had for games has mostly been Dark Souls 2 dlc, and I started Diablo 3 on PS3 on Sunday. Also I think I beat Life Force on the NES via WiiU VC.

    Thats it I think. :) More Dark Souls 2 and Diablo 3 for me this week. :) New Dark Souls 2 dlc out next week too.
  • Nothing but Destiny.

    Epke if you want to team up for some bro force action in Defiance let me know. I haven't played the game in ages but had fun with it when I did.
  • Piddled about a bit with the Darkwood alpha and am pleased to report that the game is shaping up pretty well. I also dabbled with Season 1 of Extrasolar:

    It's free for those who like the idea of playing what is essentially an exoplanet rover simulator, with a conspiracy theory twist. It's actually kind of interesting!
  • Destiny for me. Every night. Until way past my bedtime. Also there's a FIFA demo up so I smashed a few games of that.

    It feels different. Slower. More methodical. I like it it just took some getting used to coming off of weeks on end of FIFA 14.
  • I managed a go on FIFA last night, and the same thing happened that has happened a couple of times in the past.  I was in the Quarter Finals of the Champion's League against Borussia Dortmund, second leg with a one-goal lead from the first leg.  I'd played a largely reserve squad because I wanted to rest a few players and just intended to play very defensively for the full match, but had still managed to sneak a goal from one of my youth-team strikers who I'm thinking of selling on at the end of the season because he's a bit pants.

    2-0 up on aggregate, things were looking good for me smashing the target the Blackpool board had set me of reaching the European Quarters when the game suddenly crashed.  On re-loading I had to restart the match and Dortmund immediately scored two quick goals in the first half.  I managed to snatch a late goal back after sending on one of my main strikers, but that wasn't enough and I went out on away goals :-( .

    So that is not the first time that I've had the game crash mid-match (usually while I'm leading) and then to lose the rematch, often to a goal that comes from nowhere.  Obviously, the game doesn't 'remember' crashing, but it's weird that I always seem to lose the match on second attempt.  In fact, it's down to that happening that I am a) three points behind Tottenham at the top of the league and b) now dumped out of Europe...

    EDIT: @Mugwump that actually sounds super interesting!
  • @Littleg I may be overselling the game, but it has me gripped enough to have me logging in several times a day. I play in a tinfoil hat!
  • (PS4) Destiny - I've done a few missions on the later planets and I'm hoping to finish the story this week.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Just playing the odd game.

    (PS Vita) Persona 4 - I bought Persona 4 when it was on sale a while ago but was waiting on my memory card for it to arrive before I try it out. My card arrived and I've now installed the game so I am ready to try it out. I have it on PS2 but I only got about 1 hour in on there.

    (PS4 / PS Vita) Rouge Legacy - As I have my Vita on hand I guess I might try the odd run on this.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Sure Herr Flibble also must continue some Biohazard 6 if you can pry yourself away from Destiny ;)
  • I thought you'd given up on Bio6 :p
  • @Mugwump

    Glad to see another Darkwood fan in here. Glorious game.


    Capra Demon annoyed me to no end. My tactic? Kill the dogs first, run up the stairs on the left, and drop down. Wait for him to drop down, as he won't move for a second or two and then just rip into him.

  • EVE Online (PC)
    I am a flippin' recruiter now. Forgive me but I would be remiss in my duty if I didn't try.

    If you are an EVE player and wanna mine or PvP, I have contacts that want people to help them out. I would love to see some new and old friends in the game. Seriously. We need people and are looking to build a solid crew. Conversely, if anyone wants a buddy invite I'd be happy to help them out; and likewise for people returning to the game there's a special deal for that too for a little free game time. So yeah, let me know, in-game char. name Sil Ituin.

    I'm done, I promise.

    Phone Stuff (Blackberry. Yeah, alright, you had your laugh, now kindly STFU :D lol)
    I have been playing a frankly ridiculous amount of the classic Solitaire. I am loving every second of it, too. This is usually happening at work when I am waiting for the cage; one of the few games out there that doesn't require a net uplink to play while I'm literally a mile underground. I've been thinking of getting some other classic games like chess and backgammon and cribbage and other older games of that ilk. These are the games I used to see my grandparents play all the time and I'd love to keep them in memory to teach my kids so we have our own little games we can play as a family. Now if only I could find downloadable Hanafuda~

    @Littleg , good luck on the job hunting front, brother, really! Positive thoughts, hugs and best wishes!

  • @Manio  Yeah, I figured that out on my second attempt. He was easy to beat once I killed both of the dogs. My issue now is deciding where to go next. I can either go to the depths, or go below Firelink shrine where all the ghosts are at.

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