Friendship, Truth, or Switzerland?
  • Simple question really; lets say your friend says something completely wrong, or batshit insane, while the person he's arguing with is saying what you agree with and regard as correct and true, but you can't stand the guy. Which person do you side with in the argument? Do you side with your friend because he's a friend, even if you believe him to be totally in the wrong? Or do you side with the man you detest, but who is speaking the truth? Or do you stay out of it? 
    Friendship, Truth, Switzerland?
    1. Who do you side with?10 votes
        Friendship trumps all!
      1. The truth is my ally!
      2. I don't want anything to do with it!
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  • I side with the truth! I've done this before actually. I can't remember what the topic was about, but all I remember is that I interrupted the discussion by starting "I love you man, but....".

    Generally it results in stronger friendships both long term and short term. Better relationship with the guy you hate in the short term because you had the same stance on the topic, and better relationship with your friend in the long term because you don't support him blindly.
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  • A good pal will always get my unconditional support in argument against someone I don't like.
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  • When my friends are in some kind of debate, they'll come to me and ask "who's right" knowing that I'll give the honest answer. I've never cared about upsetting someone by disagreeing with them, as I feel it's just far more important to be as empirical and honest as one can be. Overall I find people appreciate that more, simply because it shows I'm willing to tell the truth; they know they can trust me.
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  • All about the truth. I've really only had these things happen in groups of friends and we generally laugh it off when someone is wrong.
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  • Depends on what its about but almost all the time its truth first.
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  • Gilligan, in what cases would truth not be first?
  • If it's between 2 friends go with the truth. If I don't like the second guy. I would just disagree with the other guy just to piss him off. But I would probably take my mate aside after and let him know that he is a dick head and I just backed him in something that was wrong. Then explain to him the truth (probably starting a new debate between the two of you)
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  • Depends on the subject, if it is something i am not passionate about, i will not inject my opinion
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  • Epke, so that means basically Switzerland, but you side with truth on matters involving Kitty?
  • Doubtless I'd try and stick with an honest opinion, also worry about upsetting the friend then soften the language with all kinds of 'well, to play Devil's advocate..' stuff to the point that no-one would actually know what I think.  Sounds likely...
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  • If they're your friend, they should be totally understanding and forgiving of a difference of opinion in the first place. I'd go truth. I think most of the people in my life would still be friends afterwards. 
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  • It is also about how you deliver your opinion.  Polite disagreement is the soul of democracy.  In person stuff should be about as far from how folks are on forums like these as possible, myself included.  The whole point is that we do not kill each other over policy.  I have friends who have voted Republican since the dawn of time.  They are at least embarrassed about voting for Palin.  I don't know if I could respect someone who felt that was a great idea.  That brings up what opinions could your friend hold that would call into question the friendship?  Even in that case, truth, politely presented would still be a default.
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  • Usually starting with 'You know, granted (s)he's an ass, but (s)he has a point....'
    I would side with the asshole.

    When things are wrong, they're just wrong. It would really bug me to let a good friend I've known for years not know the truth, or that I didn't try to help them understand why their view is skewed, from my perspective...

    That having been said, I've been known to be wrong too, so hey, whatever floats your boat. Debates are just as fun as thinking about stuff sometimes :D
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