Caffeine - My First Short Film

  • I live in Canada, and this indie film was possible from people from the United States. I wrote a screenplay and threw it on Reddit in the hopes that someone would be interested in the script, and make the film. They contacted me the same day and production went underway.

    I now would like to show you guys my first ever written film/short film project called "Caffeine". It's about a young man who struggles with a severe caffeine addiction.

    For some reason, the Director disabled watching on other websites.
  • Shit got heavy. Fast. Hahaha good job.  Are you looking into going into film as a career? 
  • @shozaya

    I'd like too.
  • Me too!  What are you doing for schooling?  I graduate from High School this year so all my applications to colleges start in October.  Maybe we could collaborate on an Indie project haha.
  • @shozaya

    Nothing right now. Been outta highschool for almost 5 years now.
  • Nice one Manio.
  • Thanks Flibs!

    I'm pretty proud of it as my first short.

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