Rule of Threes
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    Well I'm sitting here crying like that boujie fag who went apeshit over Britney. Since they always seem to go down in threes I wonder which comedic legend is next - we even lost James Gandolfini back in June and Elaine Stritch in July. Joan always made me laugh with her sadistic, sharp humour, and 2014 seems to be turning into the year the world got a lot less funny.
  • A) Great choice of off-topic topic.

    B) I agree. So sad to lose Robin Williams, as many people were. Joan was such a great in her own way. Rapier wit cut to the core every time, and she is the damn blueprint for sass. Or 'cheekiness' or whatever you prefer to call it. I loved every plastic bit of her.

    Rest in peace, Joan, dear. Make 'em weep because their faces hurt from laughing.