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  • Had an account back in high school but can seem to remember it. Definitely lost touch when the episodes stopped airing on youtube but, something brought me back to the community. Ironically, I've resurfaced just as the episodes have with Tobin and Yuzo's newest installment (so says the forum). I'm now living in NYC post-college and currently have been playing Borderlands 2 and patiently awaiting Destiny. Even getting an Xbox One in October so some gaming community is much needed.I'm not sure exactly where I fit into your tight-knit and enduring community other than the fact I fully enjoy games from their most simple entertainment characteristics down to their deep aesthetic art forms. 

    Finally want to end this with a question:

    What was the biggest noobtoob event/discussion/happening to take place since 2010? Update me!
  • I reckon you'll fit in just fine!

    Biggest thing since 2010?  The 2011 UK Meet-Up?
  • What's Fappenin'? Good to have you back!
  • Welcome back.

    You should fit in just fine.
    I think everyone should be welcome here. 
  • @.Ethereal. 

    Awwwwww, now I feel bad all over again.
  • @Littleg

    Didn't you lads lose him at the 2011 meet-up?
  • Weeeeellll, 'lose' is a very inflammatory term.  It's all a matter of semantics - I prefer to think that London reached out with her loving arms and nestled Ethereal into her maternal bosom, stealing him away from his NT brethren.
  • Still getting caught up myself. Was away for most of the last couple years. If you catch up on the NT podcast, you'll probably see lots there. Some of us started our own gaming and life blogs and branched out from this site doing our own things.

    Some of my most memorable things? I remember there were fun times with Forza Horizon in 2012. Lots of people bought and loved the hell out of that. Several NT nights with that. That and Mass Effect 3 stuff was wild. The podcast ending obviously put a damper on a lot of stuff but kudos to all the regular folks who kept up with this and kept it going for the rest of us.

    We definitely all owe a ginormous thanks to Sloth for getting the place back up and running after its virus invasion. So thanks to him.

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  • I have a ton of memorable moments. Let's list em shall we?

    • Meeting people who have become very close friends. That's awesome. I do hope to meet those wonderful few someday. That would be nice.
    • Hosting various Halo, and gaming related events. That was fantastic.
    • Running the GOTY awards for the site back in 2012, that was awesome. I'm doing it again this year too! Bring it on.
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  • There are so many memorable moments. Next year, I'll have known Yuzo and Tobin (and by extension, a lot of NooBTooBers) for a decade which is a scary thought.

    My first memorable NooBTooB moment was Tobin offering to be the shipping point and then forward an Xbox 360 to me that I wanted to buy. It was a lot cheaper and I could then save even more money by importing US games instead of buying Australian. At the time, I was just some Sony plant on the forum and his generosity really took me aback. 

    Being on the other side of the planet, I lagged horribly in every gaming get together. I was a non-factor and couldn't really play but I sat in and listened to everybody as they stuttered across my screen. The joking and laughing was so warm and I enjoyed that so much.

    Having your name called out in the show always gave me a bit of a buzz (ok, I melted like a Japanese school girl) but the best moments are still going on in that I'm still talking to people on here 8/9 years later. The more time that goes by, the longer we've known each other, and the more I appreciate those moments.
  • @sloth Damn that post really made me smile :) . I remember that conversation about Au gamers getting screwed well. Noobtoobers really are the best. Sloth you are awesome!

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