Another 3DS Model?!
  • Nintendo are planning to release another 3DS model (on top of the 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS). This has a very much similar feel as to the DSi being released midway through the console's cycle (i am guessing) with an updated processor etc.

    The thing that i find the most interesting is that this model is supposedly going to have a second analogue stick and two more shoulder buttons. This means that from an input perspective the new 3DS is going to have a much more home console feel to it which is something that i find more appealing. Also i believe they are going to improve how the glasses-less 3D works which can only be a good thing. 

    I can see this causing all sorts of confusion and problems in terms of which games are compatible with all 3DS/2DS models or just the new 3DS. But overall i think this is a positive step, i am not convinced on how it is all going to fit in around the other models. Perhaps just go the whole hog and release a brand new platform if they are making this many changes? But i am sure it is too soon into the lifespan to justify doing that.

    But if this means better framerates in existing 3DS games such as when 3D is turned on ( I am thinking about you Pokemon ) I would snap one up instantly. Or for example in a lot of games when 3D mode is switched on the anti-aliasing is switched off; if this was no longer the case, i think i would be sold. 

    So any speculative thoughts NoobToobers?

  • Not my thing. The second stick is smaller than most buttons, pain ahoy. The short generation cycle seems nakedly exploitative. It will sell a cajillion, further bury Vita, and give Nintendo time to think about it's next console.
  • @westw That second analogue stick looks much too small to be comfortable.
  • The new 3DS XL sounds interesting. Might have to take a look at my finances to see if I can afford that when it comes out ;)
  • Hopefully this will be a large upgrade in terms of graphics and multitasking.  With Nintendo finally expanding into the online market with DLC and more multiplayer I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

    I do have to agree with 8drawt on the compatibility confusion.  How will that work?  Or will the cartridges be a different size for the newer model?  I remember they had to cartridge slots on the old DS's, not sure about the newer ones though. 
  • Just to clarify, this upgrade is a bit like DS going to DSi, except to a larger degree. The 3DS carts will still be the same size, and it will still be backwards compatible with good old DS games. The CPU upgrade isn't going to be a massive jump. The Xenoblade Chronicles port looks very much like a 3DS game still, and as a result looks worse than the Wii version. It's too soon for a proper 3DS successor.

    The c-stick is by far the biggest difference. Smash Bros players in particular will have a natural advantage playing on the New 3DS, and Monster Hunter will probably be easier to control. I love those coloured buttons too!

    I don't see this as an essential upgrade, but it's definitely a nice upgrade. I hope there aren't many exclusive games for the new 3DS models though, I'm quite happy with my XL.

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