Um Hello.. Anybody?
  • Where are all you people coming from? jk :P
    Well while you're all here you should know about Slack, where some of us chat. It's like IRC.
    And we have another Steam group for those of us that want to stand out and be extra elite. ;)
  • I feel so lovey-dovey goodness inside haha.

    NewAgeRed: Oh, well what are you waiting for, post the page, or site at least.

    I just checked the IRC a few days ago, it was still there, but empty and quite...

    The Steam page is plain "NooBTooB", thanks to our one and only @sloth, and the other members for spreading the word.
  • @Sunflower holds the key to Slack chat. :P

    On Steam there's the NTA group, Sloth also made a new NooBTooB group not long ago.
    Hey @sloth, I just realized the group needs an avatar picture. and now that I've called you by name, What do you think of trying to bring back Doodle Or Die? :P
  • Is that IRC still around? I feel like there aren't enough users active for an IRC anyway but I'm just curious
  • PM Sunflower about the Slack channel. It's not super busy but there's ~6-8 daily users.
  • No one goes into NT IRC anymore. Sunflower invited a bunch of people to something called Slack though. a small hand full of NT'er seem to get on there. Sunflower would have to send an invite.
  • Also if anyone ever wants to chat on Ventrilo, we have one of those too, although we use text way more than mics. PM me.
  • I just PMed Sunny for that Slack invite. I just rememberedtoday about good times on the IRC back in the day and if people still did that sorta thing.

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