[360] Halo 4 Private Match - Team Focused Game night
  • I want to extend an invite out to NooBTooBers to a halo 4 game night some close friends and I used to play relentlessly for hours. Why is this better than match making? Competition. In private matches we can identify individual skill and break teams very easily. No unbalanced matchmaking where the teams can be heavily one sided resulting in losses or wins no matter how well or poorly you play. 

    The idea: To make sure every player has an impact we keep it 3 vs 3. I'm open to input on maps but the general idea is a large map with plenty of cover. This forces player to stick together and not to rush things seeing as progression through a large map is much slower and harder and causing more of a penalty when you die and spawn back at your base. Every player will spawn with a DMR and a pistol however, there will be weapon pickups (focused on heavy weapons). This requires each team to balance a good stronghold on the map against the ability to move around and collect the weapons they need to tip the scale. Vehicles are cool but, no tanks. Also no armor abilities. Keep it simple. I've found under these conditions there is the best team play. I already have a game type set up for this.

    When: Next Wednesday 9/3 at 7:00 PM eastern. Please respond to this with your gamertags or feel free send a request to me @ InSl8rweBelieve. Just include a message that your interested in the game night. I'll check this throughout the week to make sure everyone is accounted for and requests are answered. Always open to suggestions.

    PS: the best version of this with my friends was on Halo 2's headlong with similar settings as above. Remakes or custom maps of that would be appreciated. 
  • My friend is interested, told him to shoot you a friend request.

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