Saddest Video Game Moments...
  • What is the saddest moment in any game you've ever played? 

    ... Spoilers are a given. 
  • Does it count if I tell you that I laugh hysterically when I watch Aerith die?
  • Not really.  Didn't have that much of an impact on me. 
  • The saddest experience recently that I experienced was in The Last of Us on PS3 when
    Joel's daughter gets shot by a marine and she dies in his arms.

    Only ten minutes in! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? I WAS BAWLING! :(
  • @.Ethereal hope we never meet because i will go sepiroth on your ass!
  • @Thangalang completely agree with you on that.  It took me by storm, but as soon as the soldier started questioning his order, I KNEW.

    Hopelessly screaming at the TV for them to run with no avail.  After that I made it my mission to strangle or kill every government soldier in the worst way imaginable.  The grudge lasted the whole game, until I realized "Hey, the Firefly's are assholes, and so is the government...  I guess I should hang out with Bill again."

    If anyone here has played and completed Telltales Walking Dead series... I think we all know what the saddest moment in gaming was in the past few years... ;'c
  • When the credits rolled for Persona 4. I didn't want it to end! And it ended with such a beautiful song...

    Good shout out for The Last of Us. Such a great game!
  • Something I remember as being slightly sad is a point in Final Fantasy 7 : Crisis Core

    Where young Zack dies at the end of the game defending Cloud, handing Cloud his sword in his final moments.
  • That moment in The Last Of Us...

    When Joel holds his dying daughter. Man.

    And another Last Of Us mention.

    The ending reunion with Joel carrying Ellie out of the hospital. The emotions hit me hard there.

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  • Yeah I just restarted The Last of Us after picking it up on the PS4 and that moment is heart wrenching but for me the moment that tops it all is in Brothers - A ale of two sons pretty close to the end. The pay off from that moment and the symbolism after though....WOW!!! 
  • [Spoiler] it's basically what you were doing but with square brackets. That thread was so handy, I might make one like it!
  • @Firlocke that would be really helpful!
  • I'm trying to think of games that made me feel sad, but like Darkkeychain said, It's hard to remember.
    One game I can think of is Illusions of Gaia. When I was a kid, it upset me when they burned the pig to death. 
  • First time playing ressurection 2 after getting it for xmass
  • There were a lot over the ages, but gradually I keep forgetting them, including other things. These are as far as I can remember for now.

    Recently was Metal Gear Solid 4
    And Resident Evil 5
    Also Kingdom Hearts 1
    Kingdom Hearts 2

    In the final chapter where Snake crawls for his life. But even then if you don't hammer the buttons, he still gets out alive only takes him longer though.

    The death of Wesker, and the death of RE as we know it. As Capcom threw in the towel of horror and declared action, until Revelations came along, ish.

    After fighting Ansem possessed Riku, Sora takes his own life to release Kairi's heart.

    For a few minutes in a heartless infested Hollow Basion, you are lead to believe that Goofy is dead, as you rage through a 1000 enemies.

    I know there are dramatic ones in Dark Cloud 2, and Tales of Symphonia, but I just can't seem to recall them.

    EDIT: How do I hide stuff? I forgot how to insert things again. There was a thread Mono made about these things spoilers, color, img, font size, etc... but I just can't find it.

    Original post ^
    Sorry I had to, it was the last thing I posted before I disappeared again.
  • The end of Wind Waker is pretty tough too.

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