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  • You've no doubt heard the news that Fez man has been making a dick of himself again.

    This is my favourite response to him so far.

  • His company's site just got hacked and is now filled with his bank information, etc.
  • How can you call you some one an ass hole in one sentence and go ahead and use homophobic slurs in the next. Flib these videos you watch ate pretty shitty.

    I for one like Phil fish. He's a personality and gaming doesn't have enough of them. Yeah he can act dickish at times but he is never not funny.
  • Nutta27 he is a selfish narcissistic dimwit
    i like this reply
  • Ha that is amazing. Don't get me wrong fish acts like a self entitled child but it's funny to me.

    Whats Especially funny is all these people who get worked up by it. Like the 2 videos above. Surely you realise that these videos and the attention they give him fuel the fire.
  • image
    And I'll add another video. 'Cos why not? :)

  • Fez is interesting, but I honestly do not know if it is that fun for me. One hit wonder, getting into it with others is now the only means he has of holding onto his dev identity. Like some kind of more negative version of Kevin Smith. Very limited good art leveraged into a media personality. Unlike Kevin his media presence is not a money maker so he will probably dev privately and cough up Fez 2 when money gets tight.
  • Just trying to get some discussions started on an otherwise dead forum, nutta. I thought that was one of the dreams, to bring some traffic back these ways? I guess you have a million better ideas that you are just waiting to pounce on, huh? Anytime you're ready, Slick. Maybe after you've finished spooning Egg tonight you'll bring the party to NoobToob. Approximately zero people eagerly await your next vapid brain fart.

    But no more posts from me. You don't deserve it.
  • Flib, If you're posting videos to increase conversation, you can't complain if part of that conversation is 'that video is shitty'.  Also, that's the second time you've responded to criticism of something you've presented with personal attacks and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that that's not on.  

    Come on, we're better than this folks and it's making me sad the current febrile atmosphere in video games fandom in general is infecting this particular corner of the internet.

    Regarding the OP, I think Phil Fish is a really interesting guy.  I haven't got round to playing Fez yet, but I'm looking forward to it when I do.  From the sounds of things, his achievement of developing that game almost single-handed is very impressive indeed.  That said, he also seems incredibly touchy and reactionary and prone to excessive public statements.  He's not wrong that portions of the gaming community occasionally act shitty, and he's entirely within his rights to say 'fuck it, I no longer want to make games for these people', but it is a gross generalisation and a slightly childish approach to a problem.
  • Fez is an amazing game. A game in which I will admit I don't have the patience or intellect to fully appreciate. I also think Fish is right. We shouldn't expect a fez 2 from him. We aren't entitled to it as gamers. So why keep hounding him.

    I think every one would get annoyed after a while of hearing the same question over and over. He may have flew off the handle one too many times and may not be the nicest of people but I feel he is a person this industry needs to drive forward and make better, more interesting games.

    Now on the other topic of conversation. Flib a healthy debate was rising about fish before you made more personal attacks. Just because people do not share your views on a topic it doesn't mean they are wrong. I feel the topic of Fish is an interesting topic (a better video and maybe some commentary was probably needed) Its also a debate I would love to have. I just don't feel the way you react to criticism or others view is very graceful.

    Also Flib in your fantasy I'm big spoon right?
  • @nutta27 , no your a ladle honey. 
  • Okay on to the bank details thing. Surely everyone can agree who ever has done that it's a step too far. No matter how much of an Arse hole he is releasing personal information about the guy is wrong and illegal.

    It also seems like the dude has just had enough now he has deleted his Twitter again and put his company and the fez IP up for sale.

    Would a Fez game made by anyone else even work?
  • Nah, and I doubt anyone would want their name attached to the IP now considering everything.

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