Lords of the Fallen
  • The game that was supposedly going to outdo Dark Souls. Check the vid and see what you think.

    Looks kinda ass to me truth be told.
  • Outdo Souls? Yeah right. :P Maybe Dark Souls 2, but no way in hell is it going to outdo Demon's or Dark Souls.

    While it's similar to Souls, I think it will actually be quite different. It looks to be a lot faster, and more arcade-y in feel, whereas Souls felt weighty as fuck in its combat. To be honest, it's reminding me of Darksiders!
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  • Totally getting a Darksiders meets Dark Souls feel from this.  FirLocke has the right idea lol.  I think them entering this very specific game genre as a competitor would be a good move from a buisiness stand point if this game is actually good.  But from what I've seen, it doesn't look like much of a threat or even much competition at this point.  It doesn't really have a "wow factor" or something to draw me in.

    Well, I'll probably check this out at some point and write a review on it when it releases.  The developers did say they were inspired by Dark Souls so it's not surprising that it is so similar. 

    I'd compare this to another similar franchise rivalry where there was one very distinct winner...

    Two Worlds Vs. The Elder Scrolls Series

    So with that said, I think we will know how this game will be remembered...
  • I don't really see the Darksiders influence much except perhaps for some aspects of the look of the game. It looks clunky and boring to me, not fast and arcade-y. Compare this to the Bloodborne gameplay clip in the other thread. Leagues apart. There's no atmosphere in the environments, it's just another run down European castle type feel. Yawn. And how about the main character or enemies? Can you even remember any distinct stand out features to any of them after the clip ends? I remember generic knight, generic hound, generic spell flinger (flinging a Dark Souls spell no less!), and generic genericness in general.

    I also hate -like really hate- the way the camera shows the path from the boss to the player in the opening. Goodbye surprise! Not having any idea what's coming next is actually kind of important, no?

  • Did anyone play this?
  • Listening to the guys talk about this on the Games Only Podcast, I thought some of the little twists that they had put on the Souls recipe sounded interesting - the multiplier on Souls (sorry, experience) if you don't cash them in, the fact that dropped souls from dying slowly tick down rather than just sitting there waiting for you to come get them...

    Have to agree with Dr F; can't escape the feeling that this is pinching the mechanics of the Souls games without fully understanding what it was that made them so gripping.  Mind you, if it acts as a gateway drug to get more people into the originals, then more of those types of games get to be made, that's got to be a good thing hasn't it?

    Also, really minor nitpick, but I'm getting less and less fond of what is becoming the generic British voice in video games.  Kind of posh, kind of a bit Cockney, if anything sounding like Russell Crowe in Gladiator..."Husband to a murdered wife, General to a murdered Caesar".
  • I have the game sitting there, but not gotten around the playing it yet. I'm sure you know that feeling.

    I agree with the G, and that was one of the reasons that tipped me over the edge and why I finally bought it in the end. I want more Soulsy type games, so I threw my cash and support behind this one.
  • This game! I'm playing it, I'm enjoying it, but the bugs!!! I'm right near the end and it's been crashing like a mofo.
  • Damn! that sucks. I was wondering if I needed to play this before Bloodborne comes out? or should I wait for some more patches.
  • Vamp, it's worth your time, but maybe not at full price. I was reading some info last night and it seems the game is less prone to crashing if you play it offline. A lot of people claim they haven't experienced any crashing so it might just be a lottery. I'll give it another go tonight.
  • Its already on my bookshelf. I paid less than $40 for it. Might start it up soon. :)
  • Aaaaand I'm screwed. Game killing glitch. I died in a boss fight but as I died the poison effect on my weapon killed him too. When I respawned I went back to the boss room and entered. He was dead on the ground but had a full health bar. I hit him until his health was gone and got the exp, but no end battle animation and therefore no way to exit the boss room and continue. I tried several times, but that boss is glitched in my save game, and like Souls, 1 character=1 save game, so that's that.
  • Damn! That sucks. I'm still going to try playing it I think though.
  • Yeah, I'm going to do a restart. It's actually not that long a game. Now that I know the shortcuts and locations of things, and how to kill the bosses effectively, I can probably cut down my playthrough time significantly.

    Plus, if you want the plat you have to finish the game 3 times to get the 3 different endings and with the 3 different character classes.
  • Platted and done. NG+ took me about 10 hours or so to collect the weapons and gear you can only get after your first playthrough, and then NG++ took me 4 hours. The game is easier than Souls on the first try but in NG+ and beyond I'd say it gets up to Souls level. Especially the bosses who can heal or summon helpers.

    I also mixed up my play style with the 3 runs and enjoyed them all. Heavy tanking is as fun as Jack Be Nimble daggery skulduggery. There's a weapon and armor set for everyone.
  • Well, at least it has something to it - like I said, this seemed full of promise.

    Bit alarmed by your story from WiG the other day though, Flib.  A 5GB patch on top of a 5GB install otherwise it's just a broken pile of trash?  That sounds like a pretty egregious example of modern games launching broken and patching on Day One.
  • Even with the patch it still has some issues (which are apparently being addressed in yet another patch) but yeah, the vanilla game that shipped on the disc was a disgrace.
  • Has anyone tried the dlc yet? I'm curious, since I might be starting this up soon.
  • Is the DLC out yet? I had a look for it on PSN a few days ago but it wasn't there.

    I might try it. If you can access it from the start of the game I will probably buy it, but if I have to play through to a certain point to unlock it maybe not. I've already cleared the game about 5 times total with various characters, and now I've got Helldivers and plenty of other stuff to play before Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 ruin my social relationships.
  • The Gamespot review was far from kind. They may as well have written "It's shit" and gone out for an early lunch. 3 hallways, a couple of lever pulls, and a frustrating boss fight, and that's it apparently.
  • OK, I started this game after being frustrated with Alien Isolation. And I really didn't like it at first. I was having trouble getting use to the physics, and how hitting dudes felt and the timing. But about half way thru the tutorial stage, I found the stats, armor and weapons I liked and I was moving pretty quick and was able to hit decently hard, and thought oh this is great.

    But now I am in the Lords Realm thats right after the tutorial stage and (i haven't changed my equipment at all yet) its like I'm moving thru molasses again, and I'm unable to kill enemies and I dont know how I feel about it now. Is this just the frame rate or am I not going to enjoy the combat?

    Have I been spoiled by games with better frame rates? Or is this section right after the Black Smith really have a low frame rate? The area with the large archer guy, and the to quick claw guys. I can't decide if I want to push on to see if it gets better, or come back to this game later when I have more free time?
  • On PS4 vamp? I played it on PS4 and didn't have those frame rate issues. But it is a bit spazzy for sure.

    What class did you go with?

    As for the molasses, yes, your equipment will weigh you down a lot more than in a Souls game. You can either work on your stats or find items to increase your equip load, and or mix and match until you find a weight you are happy with. You can play the game fast and snappy if your load is light enough. If you are using all heavy gear so early in the game you will move as nimbly as a sack of bricks in water.

    I don't know what to say about the frame rate. I didn't have much issue with it myself. As for the loadout, keep mixing it up till you get something you like.
  • Yeah, On PS4, did the characters voices ever cut out on you? It fixed it self after I quit the game and went back to it.

    The frame rate drop started near the end of the graveyard boss and then kinda never got better. Maybe it'll be fine after I boot the game back up.
  • Yep, the voices were a bit off at times. Sometimes there'd be no voice, other times the voice would play but the screen would be frozen.

    Try a reboot for the frame rate then. You might get lucky.
  • Yep. That seems to have fixed it. Game is a little buggy. ;p

    I have made it to the 1st real boss I suppose. The Spider like thing in the Portal room. I've got some nice lightweight armor now and a short quick sword that I love even though it takes a little too much stamina for each hit.

    I've also got my faith high enough to use Rage, so If I use that I don't have to worry about stamina. ;) Now I just got to find a decent way to beat this boss. I've only gotten it down to the 1st bit of its 2nd phase so far.
  • Good to hear vamp.

    You can do some good damage to spidey when he runs off to heal. And make sure you knock off his leg armor asap to do that extra damage.

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