Site: Is this on?
  • The site appears to have borked out for four hours from 8am-11am AEST (GMT +10).

    Let me know if you're experiencing issues or if there's anything else up -

    Noobied by 1Darkkeychain
  • I'm going to go through the site for a couple of hours tomorrow to make sure everything is running fine. If you've got any suggestions post them here and I'll try my best to implement them.
  • I would love to see social media buttons near one's avatar so that if someone posts something cool and someone else reads that post and wants to follow them on Twitter or something, they can view their profile by clicking the Twitter button. Buttons to other services such as PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo IDs, and Steam as well of course if it's possible.

    Signatures would be cool too! Oh, and for new users to be able to change their avatar. I've had a few that PM'd me saying that they couldn't find any way to change their avatar.

    Thanks Sloth!
  • A front page like in the old days :) 

    Ohhhh the good ole times.
  • We all love your work obviously by being on the site, and it's deeply appreciated, every time. I'm personally glad to be able to browse the site again in whichever form.

    But I still saw the previous version as perfect, and anything closer to that would be great.

    Thank you Sloth. : )
  • @Firlocke I've added twitter, steam and console IDs to everybody's profiles. Our software's query structure is a little unfamiliar to me so I haven't added little icons next to everybody's names in their posts. Skipping over signatures until I have a bit more sit down time. But hopefully this is a good enough step for now.

    There was a bug with people's profiles that I've ironed out while adding all this. Everybody should be able to add an avatar for themselves.

    @shozaya That would be nice. At the moment it just redirects straight to here. I've always thought that a nice landing page explaining things would be nice. If anybody has any ideas that would be great.

    @darkkeychain No problem buddy. Hope you're well.
    Noobied by 2FirLocke Winsord
  • It's an excellent step @sloth! Thank you so much! :D

    I love the little change you've made to the top right of the site. ;)

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