Happening all over again
  • First Dead Rising 3, next up Ryse for the PC. The Bone is losing its "exclusives" fast. Just like last gen. 

  • Hmm, it does seem a bit soon. I hope no one is buying an Xbone to play Ryse exclusively from what i have heard. It does look very pretty though. I may check it out just to watch my PC cry if there is a demo knocking about. I cant see there being enough of a demand to warrant this port really.

    As it seems to suggest here the main purpose of coming to PC is most likely to be used as a tech demo / benchmark and to market CryEngine (insert whatever iteration we are at now) . But raving on about playing this game at 4k, wtf. No one has the rig to play it at 4k, again almost no point even mentioning that. All modern PC games should support 4k res i think, if only for future compatibility and scalability. That is for the 10 people worldwide who have spent 2k on GPUs, never mind, i am just jealous.
  • To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Ryse, or Dead Rising 3 all that much. Certainly not enough to spend the required money to play them on my PC. I'll stick to buying the Xbox One once the consoles have more bang for their buck.
  • You have missed the point. The 4K stuff and the game itself are irrelevant. The point is the only reason to buy any console is to play the games you can only get on that console. Otherwise the console wars are meaningless. Market competition is meaningless. How many Sony or Nintendo exclusives have gone to PC, especially so quickly? How many Sony exclusives went to M$ and how many M$ exclusives went to Sony? M$ are nuts. Their killer game is Titanfall and even that isn't exclusive. They're already losing the race in every market, and then they go and throw away what little advantages they have. If they keep doing this there won't be any bang for your buck on the Bone.
  • On the plus side, I would like to play Sunset Overdrive someday. Sadly that is the entire list of boneclusives. Unless you are a halo or cod boy, I do not understand why you would want a bone.
  • What Dr Flibble is saying is the very reason why I've never purchased an Xbox.
  • No i just got sidetracked after watching the video :) . And of course the game itself is not irrelevant if it was a game that people are buying the system for and they lose it is going to have more of an impact on sales/ customer satisfaction. Whereas i dont think people are buying an Xbox for Ryse (i might be wrong) . Also the hardware of these consoles/ pc are extremely similar this generation so there is probably more incentive to develop for more platforms as less dev time is required to move cross platform. So its probs more difficult to hold on to exclusives.

    But in short yes, exclusives would be the main way to increase the appeal of the Xbox and it is a shame its not happening more. Are there any good expected exclusives?
  • For the Xbox One, off the top of my head there is Phantom Dust, Sunset Overdrive and Halo of course.
  • Had forgotten about sunset overdrive since E3 that looked nice and colourful, probably a bit too arcadey for me but that is something i might like to check out. 
  • Loosing exclusivity with Bungie must be the worst of it thinking about it.

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