Resident Evil REmake HD announced!

  • And it's coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. A bloody betraya big shame that it's not coming to Wii U, considering the game was originally a GameCube exclusive, but still, I'm sure many people including myself are very interested in this game!

    Where's my Jill sandwich?






    She's in glorious HD, baby. More images over at Destructoid. Set to release this year in Japan, and early next year everywhere else!
  • November 27 for Japan. And reeeaaaallly shocked that they are charging full retail price for this here. Maybe it's only the collector's edition that will be that price but still, unless it comes with some uber cool extras it's a bit rich asking $50-60 for a game that's older than some of the people who will play it.
  • I can't help it. The REmake was by far one of the better Resident Evil games (I'd put it above RE4 and Nemesis). Here's hoping we can see some remakes of Resident Evil 2, and Nemesis.

    Hell. I'd even buy an HD collection similar to what Halo is doing. Imagine...

    • Resident Evil REmake
    • Resident Evil 2
    • Resident Evil: Nemesis
    • Resident Evil Zero

    Just give me that.

  • That would be fantastic! If Capcom had already remade RE2 & Nemesis, I could see it happening. Because of our RE4 101, I actually bought the RE 1,2 and 3 bundle on PSN which is currently on sale. :)
  • I don't know about the rest of the world, but CAPCOM has made box sets similar to what Manio describes on at least 3 occasions that I can remember. They just stubbornly refuse to go back and refurbish RE2/3.
  • That's cool better than action crap that is Biohazard 6
  • I have REmake for the Wii sitting on my bookshelf next to me. I really hope Capcom give RE2/3 the same treatment.
  • This is coming out on five platforms and not the Wii U. Ouch.
  • Seriously. Just imagine this all done up pretty.

  • And, the Steam page just went live:

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