Oneechanbara coming to PS4
  • Don't hold your breath for an international release. 

  • That was so bad it was fantastic. Didn't one of these come outside of Japan? I feel like the name Oneechanbara sounds familiar. Suda51 would have a field day working on this series. :P
  • Yeah Oneechanbara Vortex was released on 360 in the US and EU. It was called Bikini Samurai Squad. There's also a really bad movie with the same name. I don't think Z or Z2 saw or will see foreign releases.

  • Yeah, I played the 360 game and seem to remember it being kinda fun. I also played the game on the Wii. I hope this new one will come out here, but... lots of games don't make it over, including some shmups and others, and hell if it makes since to me. :p

    I might see if I can find a copy of Bikini Samurai Squad and finally beat it this time. ;)
  • Still waiting for the price to come down, i never understood why it is so expensive, should be a budget game.
  • It was a budget game. The first 4 games were part of the Simple Series on PS2 and retailed for about 2000 yen or so. It was after they moved it to next gen with the 360/PS3 they got stupid with the prices. I think the reason the 2nd hand price doesn't drop quickly is simply because hardly anyone buys it, and those who do tend to be creepy fuckers who never resell.
  • Like us? :P
  • Precisely. :)

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