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  • EA just announced a beta for a subscription model.  The basics look like Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, and a random fourth for a cost of 5 bucks a month or 30 per year.  I have zero interest in those franchises, but if the beta basics turn out to be similar to the final product, that is not a bad deal.  For thirty bucks you get 3 AAAs and some random crap, for a year.  It will be on Xbox, Playstation is demurring.

    Sony, meanwhile, continues to be stunningly bifurcated in its models.  Playstation Plus continues to be the best deal ever.  If you have a 3 and a 4, that is 4 games every month for less than five bucks.  Just crazy.  PSNOW continues to be completely retarded, with pricing that seems to think that consumers have no way to buy used games.  Seriously, PSNOW pricing makes the technology completely beside the point.  Xbox has followed suit with games on gold and all hail competition.

    I would bet a lot on Amazon launching a gaming subscription service at some point.  Netflx is just the best entertainment dollar you can spend (well its a tie with Amazon Prime), gaming media is going to get sucked into this model and it will be good for consumers.  Or am I wrong?  Do you think Steam type sales tactics will dominate the future?  Sixty bucks a game is already a relic, but what will the next phase look like?
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  • I don't think the 60 dollar price tag ain't going away anytime soon, but I can see more and more companies adopting some sort of subscription model like you've mentioned. I would be quite interested as to what an Amazon sub would be like, as I buy pretty much all of my physical games from there now.

    If more and more services like PS+ keep arising, it's going to be hard to keep up wanting the physical games though.

    Oh, and that EA sub is god awful unless you only play those few series of games or are the type of gamer who buys the new version of the game every year.
  • The EA deal is entirely dependent on you being a die hard for at least two of the three tentpoles being offered.  I am not, you are not, but the number of people who are, is considerable.

    Plus for North America in August just came out.  I am happy as usual.  Fez, Dragon's Crown and Crysis 3 will get me through the month on a paupers budget.
  • Europe got Dragon's Crown a bit earlier, I was disappointed with it in all honesty. However this month has Metrico for the Vita - which I was planning on buying anyway - and Proteus which I've had my eye on for a while now. The PS Vita is quite awesome for Plus. :)

    You know, I think if the Ouya had some sort of subscription model like Plus, it would have been more interesting for people. Get the console for 100, pay 30 for a sub for a year and get a bunch of hand picked games every month. There's tons of shite on the Android store, so if a person suddenly gets a bunch of "good" games on their quirky little machine, they would definitely use it a bit more.

    Ah, the Ouya. You could have been so much more.
  • Something like that is coming. I thought it would be PSTV but I was wrong. My money is now on Amazon.o
  • EA's idea is actually quite good. If you're into those games and want the latest versions every year, I can't see how you could knock back that deal.

    Sony's online prices are batshit insane to say the least. The US PSN store is ridiculously cheap compared to Japan's. The US store has weekly specials that actually change every week, and flash sales. I buy a ton of stuff from the US store, whereas in Japan I buy very little from PSN. The weekly sales change every couple of months, there are no flash sales, and games that are 5 years old still cost $60-80.
  • Firlocke really! the Bouncy Bouncy is worth it alone :P 

    Yeah Japan PSN sucks, they stuck in the same ancient retail model as the shops (Although Joshin started to sell new games cheaper after a few months). I only use PSN Japan for some of the DLC that come with the game i bought, i bought a lot on the Dutch PSN as they have also lots of sales. 
  • The Boingy Bouncy Bouncy were the best bits! :P

    Dutch PSN? That's very specific. xD
  • I signed up to test it out and I wanted to play some BF4 with some Xbox One gamers.

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