Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 28/07/14
  • It's a week.  In gaming.

    (360) FIFA 14 Another week in which I barely got near my consoles and then last night I had a really long run where I completed several matches and progressed in both the European and domestic cup competitions.  My league form has taken a very severe dip, however, but I'm not too concerned about that as the targets I have been set by the Blackpool FC Board are get to the Quarter Finals in the cups and a 'mid-table' league finish.  Having been as high as 2nd in the league behind Arsenal, I'm now languishing in sixth and in danger of missing out on European competitions next year.  

    That is, unless I win the FA Cup - I just made it through the Quarter Finals against Liverpool after a replay that went all the way to penalties (the first 2-2 draw was genuinely thrilling, with Daniel Johnson who I'd previously had on loan from Aston Villa and then brought back to the team in the January window on a permanent basis popping up with a last-minute equaliser).  My thin squad is stretched by competing on three separate fronts and all my best players are knackered!  Plus I've got this kid from the youth team who's supposed to be some hot property but who has somehow ended up on a contract where he's supposed to be playing every game so he's constantly bitching at me if I don't play him.  Bloody kids!

    Fill us all in on your weeks in gaming.  Perhaps some virtual individuals to whom you've built up an irrational sense of responsibility are making you feel bad about not helping them fulfil their professional potential?
  • Wow never played Fifa 14 , not played fifa in years. But the way you describe it makes the campaign sound really engaging, glad you are enjoying it, awesome :) . I occasionally dip into Pes 2013 BaL , tried to get into Pes 2014 but they have moved to a new engine and it was really unrefined, felt sluggish and had really long animations which made it feel very unresponsive.
  • Dark Souls 2 - Went through the DLC a few times.

    Yakuza 2 - Finished.

    Yakuza Dead Souls - Started.

    Yakuza 3 - Started.
  • Yeah, the campaign is really well done - I think you can also do a EA face thingy and insert yourself as a player too.  It is quite unresponsive though; I believe they have had to make the game very animation-heavy as the player and the ball exist as two separate objects, even when you're dribbling with it.
  • I forgot what a slow burn the start of Yakuza 3 was. Almost nodded off a couple of times being a good foster daddy.

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - On PS4. I got burned. It was foolish of me in hindsight to expect something as simple as multiple language support in this day and age. If you're thinking of getting Tomb Raider on PS4 (and I guess this means you, epke) be warned: it is 100% Japanese audio/text/subtitles. Japanese Lara just doesn't do it for me, so I'm going to have to trade this in and buy the US release. I like the game itself, and it looks beautiful on PS4, but it really ruins the immersion for me when hoity toity Lara and friends start blathering in Japanese.
  • (PS4) Battlefield 4 - Just unlocked the L85A2 so I'm going to try and play some multiplayer matches with that for a bit and unlock some attachments for it. I also want to unlock the Ballistic Shield and I have to destroy 2 more explosives to get that.
  • Dark Souls 2 PS3 I've just been playing the dlc. I'm mostly enjoying it. 1 last boss to defeat.

    Shovel Knight PC I played the opening, between DS sessions. I like it, but I'll come back to it when I finish Dark Souls. :)

    That is it from me. Have not had much time for games lately. And its looking like even less coming up. :/ We'll see.
  • Let me tell you a little story. Last week I broke my Mobile (Cell) Phone. So yesterday I decided to go to town and pop into a few of those shady shops. You know the ones. They have blinking signs outside that say phone unlocking. To see if any of them would repair my phone. The answer was yes. At a stupidly high price. I politely told them to fuck off (I said no thank you). 

    To make myself feel better I decided to visit a small independent games store. A bit of retail therapy. Maybe get a Xbox game or two. To cut a long story short, I went to town to sort my phone out. I came home with a broken phone and a brand spanking new Playstation 4!!!!!

    Now that's what you call an impulse buy. 

    So as for what I have been playing? Well its been a lot but I will just list them as my game time so far has been 10 minutes here and there to test them out. 

    Warframe, DC Universe Online, Killzone Shadow fall, Infamous Second Son, Outlast, Stick it to the man, Resogun, Trine 2, Don't Starve, Pixel Junk Shooter, Doki Doki Universe, Stryder, Mercenary Kings and Towerfall. BOOM!!!
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  • Nutta, welcome to the light, brother.
  • This time in the correct thread

    Played Jak & Dexter 2 from the HD Collection. The camera and controls are atrocious!

    Played Puppeteer 3D a la littlebigplanet but just a platformer,getting al the collectibles will be a chore.

    Started Gran Turismo 6 again did some season races and the ayrton senna is easy until you get to the lotus that car is difficult to control!

    Played some online on GTA 5 racing and stuff.

    Flibmeister why would i buy Tombraider on PS4? i finished it on PS3, and it has nothing extra as far as i know, or is the "supposedly" rape scene now a real rape scene? and/or are her death scenes even more gorier? I notice i got my bonus, thinking of buying a Vita.
  • Epke, better jiggle physics. They didn't add anything to it far as I can tell. Only the multiplayer stuff, which was crap anyway. It does look sexy though.
  • Your are my hero, Nutta.
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  • Nice one Nutta!
  • Good stuff Nutta! But what about Knack? :P
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  • That's some good retail therapy Nutta.
  • Nice to see my reckless spending has been shown respect . I just ordered Injustice for ps4 as well. Should I get knack? All I hear is bad things about the game.
  • Didn't you get Knack free in the Bundle?

    For Jiggle animation i just put in Dead or alive :P
  • Nope the only bundle they do did is second son. I'm pretty sure I got the better game. I just ordered Injustice. Gonna double down on that. Plus it should be pretty fun to play this weekend with the boys.
  • I'm just pulling your chain about Knack. I haven't played it but I still wouldn't recommend it. Besides, I wouldn't be surprised to see that hit PS+ soon enough. I'd give some downloadable games a looksee though, like Transistor, that game looks cool.
  • I actually hope knack hits plus soon. I love indie games but two a month come on I wanna see some full priced shit. On both platforms.

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