Anyone got Damnation on PS3?
  • And want to co-op it? It's an older shitty game from Codemasters but I kinda like it. It has a homeless man's charm, that faint scent of booze and urine, unwashed, but might once have held promise.

    Anyway, if you have it let me know.

  • After the pounding Yuzo and whathisname gave it, this is one the lowest yield places to ask. Good luck, stranger things have happened.
  • Oh it's garbage and poundworthy, but I figure anywhere gamers lurk is worth a shot. Nobody anywhere is playing this.

    The game is cheap now, and features cowgirls with ridiculously skimpy outfits. Any takers?
  • I am waiting for the remastered version.

    I could be waiting quite a while.