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  • Got a bunch of games recently? Got yourself a good deal? List your haul down here.

    European PSN are having a Big in Japan sale at the moment, and I got a surprising amount of games from it!

    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3)
    Mega Man 9
    Mega Man 10 Complete
    Final Fantasy VIII
    SkullGirls (Not part of the Big in Japan, but was on sale anyway at the time)
    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition
    Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo HD Edition (I think that's the title!)

    Whereas from the recent Steam Summer Sale, I got Gone Home and Stanley Parable. Just got Ys: The Oath in Felghana as well!

  • So....uh, I had nothing to do today and thus decided to take a fancy picture of all the gaming things I bought over summer. I went a tad crazy.

    The 3DS I bought last year, I just put it there to show that the colours matched the PS4 controller *teehee*

    Just to make it a bit easier to see, the game with the blue cover and shooting stars is The Last Story for the Wii, and that tiny box with Wii U at the bottom of it is an ethernet cable adapter( for that wired internet!).
  • Great haul!  You'll love Mario Galaxy, both games are great (keep an eye out for easter eggs).  Also, please do post about how the gameplay is in No More Heroes 2, never played it, but I've only heard great things. 

    Where'd you get your red PS4 controller?  I can't find anything besides standard black :/
  • I live in Ireland, so a local GameStop had red, blue and black ones for sale at 60 euro each. EBay is your best bet at the moment I'd say :/ Unless Amazon UK also ship to America, they have them in stock there, albeit a fairly high price.

    To be honest, I think Tobin and Yuzo absolutely nailed their review of No More Heroes 2. The main storyline is fun, motion control or otherwise, but the side quests - which are styled to be like NES games - aren't so hot. So far it's style over substance, but the style is really damn good. It's worth playing.

    I'm actually looking around for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, it's the last Wii game I want to buy (other than Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I've given up on finding that at a cheap price...). Before moving on to the Wii U, I wanted to get all the Wii games I wanted over the years, and Shattered Memories is the last one on the list.

    I could say the same about my PS3 collection as well actually. It is very possible that the last game I will buy for my PS3 is Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Wow that feels strange!
  • I think I read the the US are getting the coloured controllers this holiday season. With a white one and an urban camo one coming first. Then your getting the blue and red ones we can already pick up here.

    I kinda wanna see a bright yellow and a hot pink one. I would most definitely buy those.
  • Ooooh yellow! Yeah I think I'd like a yellow one too. I really like the white ones coming out with Destiny as well.
  • @FirLocke DEADLY CREATURES!  Hell yeah.

    They had a game mechanic so awesome that the Wolverine game had to steal it!

  • @yuzo Haha, I happened to spot it while browsing the pre-owned Wii section, I had to get it! It's as good as you guys said it was. :) I prefer the Scorpion so far though!

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