Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/07/14
  • World Cup, Wimbledon, British Grand Prix.  Like I've had time for games this week...

    (360) FIFA 14 Still obsessively playing, still utterly addicted.  Move along, nothing to see here.

    So, we've established I have no common sense.  Perhaps you've been spending your gaming time more fruitfully?
  • Lost Planet 3 - This took up most of my game time this week. I was surprised it held my interest as much as it did since it was developed by Spark and when it comes to video games no one spells shit better than Spark. But the game was actually kind of fun. There was a lot of time consuming backtracking and fucking about to pad the game out and apart from some names and the snow the game had very little to do with the Lost Planet series. There weren't even any cool mechs or power armors, just your "rig", which you can upgrade slightly during the course of the game. 

    Lost Planet 3 is basically taking the Lost Planet brand and pasting it over the Dead Space gameplay model. Having Dead Space to blatantly rip off is probably what saved the game becoming the usual pile of shit Spark pushes out, but in the process they lost sight of Lost Planet. Even your grappling hook can only be used when prompts appear, so no zipping around wherever you like as in the previous games. 

    The game was going so well for me, until the final stages, where Spark let their dickishness shine. The ending is rushed, completely out of pace with the rest of the game, and it forces you to do a mech on mech fight which should have been cool but degenerates quickly into the most drawn out, tiresome, and repetitive whack-a-match I've played in a long while. It's brutal, and devoid of fun. A Spark game basically. 

    That's it for me this week. Aside from that I was reading a book about how to make soap and nitroglycerin from animal fat and other basic items. I'm almost ready to launch my own Project Mayhem. Not much livestock readily available in Japan however so I may have to use stray cats. 
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  • (XBone) Fifa 14. Just reread what @Littleg said above. That is all
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  • (360) Dark Souls

    I'm on a Dark Souls kick. Decided to go back and actually finish the first game. I didn't remember the Taurus Demon being this much of a pain in the arse.

    (360) South Park: The Stick Of Truth

    Polished off the story last night. Funny ass game, had a couple of laughs. I'd like to 1000/1000 this game and considering there's some missable achievements I don't know if I could run through this again. It was a fun run, but I imagine a second playthrough would be boring as all hell.
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  • Manio, I had the same idea with South Park. I couldn't do it. The game was getting stale for me by the end of the first playthru, but I tried a 2nd for trophy cleanup, played for about an hour or so, said fuck it.
  • My PS3 broke, so I've been playing games on the Wii U, or my Mac.  Which is only good for the video editing I do.

    Still haven't beat it.  Probably never will.  Who wants to have a contest to see who can beat it first or with certain restrictions to play styles to make it harder? 

    Timeless classic, always have fun playing Trouble in Terrorist Town with friends.  As always going on to public servers was an awful experience with shitty mods and even shittier players (morally and technically).

    Knight of the Old Republic

    Went back to it, always fun to experience one of gaming greatest story telling achievements again.  I just wish there was something after the end game though.  After slaughtering my whole crew at the end in the pursuit of pure evil and dominance through fear.  People still treated me like a worm, which was incredibly funny.  Like after slaughtering several Sith Lords, Sith apprentices still felt like they could talk shit and threaten me.  I had literally destroyed whole worlds at this point, so ya know, I would think I'd be notorious.  Guess not lol.  Even with the worst Karma I was still called a "Jedi".  I had literally killed a child at that point, and they were still calling me a Jedi.  My character was evil personified, I can't push this point anymore, haha. 

    Bioware needs to get on making another Star Wars game like that. 
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  • DS3 is just a good game. Total comfort food. Any tips on the best guns to build in Dead Space 3? A simple shotgun/linegun seems to be my go to.
  • Westsw if you send me an invite I can do a blueprint dump on you.
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  • I gotta do that,  I have been working too much.  Now if you will excuse me, I still have work to do.
  • Nothing but Persona 4 Arena and Smash Bros. Brawl I think. Getting better at both games. I should be playing more Dishonored but I'm in a fighting game fever at the moment. EVO this weekend! It just so happens to coincide with the World Cup finals, but I'll still be able to watch most of EVO.

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  • I think Dishonored is the only game I've played this past week! I beat it, and really enjoyed it a lot. I'm still playing and will be going thru the story DLC this week I think.

    I've picked up some Steam games recently and The Wolf Among Us finishes this week, but I still really want to play Shovel Knight. We'll see what I wind up playing I guess. :)
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  • Played some more GTA V online had enough of it (stil need someone to help me boost) so started to Play Captain America and surprisingly i enjoyed it. Started Silent hill downpour and i am not a fan of the control scheme. Also starting to play Metal gear revereverevange and i suck at it (perfect parry and timing) me the QTE failman :P
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  • I caved. Bought a PS4 today. Got it for $290.

    And to update the WiG, I finally finished Hitman Absolution and played a bit of Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage 2.
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  • @Epke

    I didn't mind Downpour. Definitely prefer the older games though.
  • @Dr Flibble So cheap! Wish they were that price over here!
  • @Flibble
    KS Shadowfall    second son and resogun are all good
    I plan on a ton of Destiny on PS4
  • Westsw, I picked up Yakuza Ishin and Tomb Raider with it, and plan on getting Second Son, Ass Creed 4, and Wolfenstein maybe this week. I also want to try Sniper Elite 3. Shadowfall, Thief, and Watchdogs I will get around to eventually. 

    I will probably pick up Destiny too, just because there's not much else to play coming down the pipe this year, so maybe we can get some co-oppy action going. 

    Firly, yeah the price was good, that's the main reason I finally cracked. No camera or bundle bullshit, just a box and controller, but that's all I need. 
  • Give Transistor a look as well! It's a downloadable which is on my to buy list for when I get a PS4. :P

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