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  • Well we're just over halfway through 2014, and I was curious as to what some of your guys' game/movie/album/TV show/book of the year, or memorable ones were so far. What were some of your favourite experiences so far in 2014? And what else are you looking forward to in the 2nd half of the year?

    I expect I'll see a lot of Dark Souls 2 in here, any other games or other media that was the bee's knees? The cat's meow? Etc.

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    1. What was your favourite moment of 2014?8 votes
        Anything GoodEnoughForMe did
      1. GoodEnoughForMe!
      2. lol what a narcissist
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  • For music I'd definitely say Melana Chasmata by Triptykon. http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Triptykon/3540303132

    this on is one of my favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oozd5VP_CZs

    I'd say Dark Souls 2 for games, might be my goty but I'm not sure yet.

    Its late right now so I'll come back with some more stuff and what I'm looking forward to. :)
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  • Since it technically released this year, I'll give my gaming halfway award to: HearthStone. Simply because I'll still be playing this game years from now. Fantastic, easy to get into card game, that doesn't cost a penny! In fact, it's the type of free to play game where people feel like they should have paid money for it. It's that good!

    Dark Souls 2 sure was a game that I enjoyed, but not many fond memories if I'm honest.

    As for what I'm looking forward to? Theatrhythm, Smash and Pokemon Omega Ruby jump to mind, but most of all?

    @vampirelich Not usually into that type of music myself, but that was pretty sweet. :o I know you like Persona 4 Arena, you might want to check out the trailer I posted for Guilty Gear! It has metal music, although not quite like Triptykon's, but Guilty Gear is made by Arc System Works, the devs who made P4A's gameplay. :)
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  • I think TV has to be a big talking point for me for the first half of this year. Most of the time in which I used to play games has been spent watching a shit ton of TV. Some good some terrible and a lot somewhere in the middle. Last year we lost Breaking Bad. That was my show. I missed out on the cultural talking point that was The Soprano's, I got it with Lost but that show really dropped off later on. But Breaking Bad man....I dare you to tell me of a better show than breaking bad. 

    I was addicted, I have watched and re watched every episode 3 or 4 times. This year I have been trying to fill the void that Breaking Bad ending has left in my life and unsuccessfully. The closest thing has to be Game of Thrones. The show has Intrigue, Murder, plot twists and sister fucking (okay that last one is a little disgusting) but I like many other have fell in love with Game of Thrones. I have watched every episode so far (all this year) and now started on the books (20% of the way through the second). I am enthralled in the world of Westeros and I am glad there is still of a lot of it for me to consume.  

    So as for what I am looking forward to that has to be the Game of Thrones Telltale game....oooh wouldn't a Telltale breaking bad game be amazing?

    Some of the predicaments Walt and Jessie get them selves into seems perfect for that type of game...doesn't it though?
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  • I gotta give it to Orange Is The New Black.  It's has great comedy, great cast, and an actual story.  It's really been the only thing holding me up since the end of Breaking Bad.  I recommend watching it if you were a fan of BB.  It's a Netflix original series, so that's really the only place you can watch it. 

    And is Game of Thrones actually that good?  Never watched it, not even once, but people tell me it's the best thing out since J.R. Tolkien. 
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  • Imagine Lord of the Rings only all the characters are Orcs, that is Game Of Thrones. A morally bankrupt fantasy for a morally bankrupt age. That's not an attack on it by the way, it just is what it is.

    Nothing game or TV related has really jumped out at me in the past 6 months. Dark Souls 2 kept me occupied and even if it wasn't up to the standards of the previous games it is still the best game I've played this year thus far.
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  • A confluence of recently bought PS3/Amazon sales on blu-ray box sets/the entire world losing their mind over Game of Thrones caused me to buy the series 1 box set recently.  Haven't got round to watching it yet, though.

    As for things actually released this year, I haven't played anything released this year, although some of my gaming experiences in the last 6 months have been amongst the gaming highlights of my entire life (finishing Dark Souls 1, playing through Brothers in a single sitting...).  Music-wise, I have been obsessively listening to the new Mastodon album Once More 'Round The Sun. Haven't been this jazzed about a new album since Songs for the Deaf...

    P.S. I really like Nutta's idea for a Telltale Breaking Bad game - their themes of things getting progressively worse seem to go nicely together.
  • TV wise, I watched Young Justice, after the fact. Sorry I did not support it before. Sorry season three will never be. Breaking Bad is the bomb, though I still prefer The Wire. Game it's been DS2 and Second Son and waiting for Destiny... and Fallout 4, which will be announced at GamesCon... in my dreams.
  • Dark Souls 2, man.

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