Any fans of the Batman comics?
  • So, I read my first ever comic book (that's not manga) just a couple of months ago. I began with Saga, read Vol.1 and 2, loved them and will soon get Vol. 3. However, I'm really excited for Arkham Knight and I'd like to read up on the Bat because of it.

    I've done a bit of research, and I'm seeing that Hush, Dark Knight Returns and Black Mirror look like they would appeal to me. I'm also seeing that Year One, Killing Joke and Long Halloween are being mentioned a lot as well, but the first three look like they would be more interesting to me.

    So, if you're a fan of the Batman comics, tell me what you like! Where should I start? What should I read? I'm looking for complete story arcs, like the ones I've mentioned, and I don't mind if Batman is part of a large cast either. If he has interesting interactions with other main characters, that sounds interesting to me as well.
  • Not sure I know any actual comic books that would interest you, but the Final Crisis series is phenomenal.  Batman really shines in it, and the story has a wide range of characters from pretty much every where in the DC Universe you can think of.

    As you mentioned before, Killing Joke and Year One are both great from what I've heard.  I'm probably gonna look into it as well before Sunday.
  • I started reading the new 52 stuff a while back but that is a huge investment because the batman storylines wont stick to the batman comics. So you kinda have to keep up on all the new 52 stuff.
  • Dark Knight Returns is the beginning of modern Batman. The sequel sucks. In comics, find a writer you like and follow his or her stuff. Writer, not character. Alan Moore for instance, read Watchmen.
  • Stories in which Batman is the focus:
    - "Batman Year One"
    - "The Dark Knight Returns"
    - "The Long Halloween"
    - "The Killing Joke"
    - "Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories."
    - "Batman Ego and other Tales"
    - "Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader"

    Those are just a few books that you can purchase in on volume editions; so need need to spend a lot of money to get a full story. Now for longer stories that are packed across multiple editions:

    -"Gotham Central"
    -"No Man's Land"

    There are many more but those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head. I'm also tempted to recommend Grant Morrison's run on Batman, but that's so dependent on understanding the greater Batman continuity and sitting through Morrison indulging himself in the more meta aspects of his writing; I'm not certain you'd enjoy it.

    None of the stories I've currently listed are in modern Batman continuity; so none of them really require that you know much about Batman at all. Most of them are stand alone stories, and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy them as that. Now for some stories Batman plays some kind of part in:

    -"Justice League: The New Frontier"
    -"Superman: Red Son"
    -Grant Morrison's run on "Justice League"
    -"StarMan" (plays a very minor role in a couple stories)"

    All but one of those will require purchase of multiple volumes to get the complete story (StarMan is worth all the money; trust me), and all utilize Batman very well. 

    With all that said; do what westw said and follow writers instead of character. I know you like Saga, so I'd recommend branching out and getting BKV's other work, particularly "Y The Last Man."
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  • @laphamking Wow, thank you! I'll check out all of the stuff you mentioned in due time. :) Any opinions on the Black Mirror or Hush? For some reason they stood out to me, maybe because the art looks so good.

    Also, I'd like to ask; where does everyone buy their comics from? I don't know any place locally that sells them physically, so I'm going all digital. I've got Comixology, Image Comics and the Google Play Store, although Comicxology and Image Comics sell their comics at rather high a price and the Play Store here doesn't have every comic there is. Let me know if you know a good place for comics!

    The idea of following the writer is sound. I'll probably check out Y: The Last Man at some point, but I would like to read some other writer's works. BKV's Saga is my first foray into the comic book world after all. :)
  • Scott Snyder is very good at writing Batman, so I don't think you'll be disappointed in getting Black Mirror. Now Hush is a completely different story. Loeb hasn't written a good Batman story since The Long Halloween, and the reason for that is because he keeps following the exact same formula he used in The Long Halloween. The one good thing about Hush is Jim Lee's art, but I'm personally a writer over artist kind of guy; so that doesn't same the book for me. If you're even remotely interested in a Hush story, I'd go with Heart of Hush by Paul Dini. Dini is a much better writer than Loeb; simple as that.

    I have two methods of getting my comics: or I primarily get my books in hardcover formats, and I use Amazon for that. I am also buying Saga in issues, and I've found that the best way to get a physical issue is to order through Not sure if that will help you or not.

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