Nintendo Stockholder's Meeting; Iwata Gets Another Chance
  • I feel little for Nintendo. Unlike most, I did not grow up on Mario. I am interested in what their cheap console for China will look like. 3DS is doing well, but what is next for handheld? The long term question is do they stay in hardware, or eventually make Mario for smartphones?
  • They will definitely be staying in the handheld market until their financial situation says otherwise.  They dominate that market entirely, with no competition.  Making their exclusives on phones would cause them to actually lose a good chunk of money.  The entire reason I own a 3DS is for their exclusive remakes like Zelda Ocarina of Time, old Mario, and the new Super Smash Bros.  Without their exclusivity, there would be no reason to buy the handheld.  Imagine how much money they made off of Pokemon X and Y alone.  A $40 game produced $200 sale for them because people bought their hand held just for that.
  • Long term like ten years.  I understand DS and 3DS have been better to them than almost anything.  Smartphones, which are turning into portable supercomputers, will only get stronger and stronger.  The gaming software sure is not there yet, but it will be, in the fullness of time.  The smartphone share of the portable gaming market is only going to grow, no matter what Nintendo does.  How long does selling a portable, to an increasingly niche market, make more money than just making software for a much larger market?  I mean selling something for kids makes sense, but the largest market of adults are going to be increasingly less likely to have an extra object in their pocket.  I love being down to phone, wallet, keys and pen.  In another five years, my phone will probably shrink my wallet to a couple of cards, on the back of the phone case.  They will stay in portable in the near future, but it becomes more of a trade off, down the line.  The other obvious option is to make a portable that plays on your TV.  A console you can take with you, if you want.

    The other obvious issue, is how do they get 3rd party back?  If WiiU had the same games as PS4 and Xbone, they would be kicking everyone's ass.  They have the most exclusives for the coming year.  I read Game Over, and I understand Nintendo were world class dicks to 3rd party for a long long time.  But lots of folks made money of the Wii and some sustained ass kissing on Nintendo's part would do them a world of good.  Their greed has always been a strength and weakness.
  • It would be interesting to see how a console/handheld hybrid would work. Neither Sony or Nintendo have been able to be really successful with both a home console and handheld to sell. PS4 is doing great while Vita not so great, whereas with Nintendo the 3DS is doing great, Wii U not so much. Then again, the Wii U is making a bit of a comeback, Nintendo are sticking with it and making it the best it can be until it's time for the next console.

    That's quite interesting considering last generation, where both PS3 & PSP and Wii & DS did very, very well. Anyway, I'm most interested to see what Nintendo do for their next generation system(s). I'm pretty sure the Wii name will be dropped (at least one would hope so), but will they stick with the DS name? Or will they go back to one screen? 3D will probably be dropped, but that's not saying much.